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Watch how the new Tesla Model 3 center console slides open and close


The most polarizing feature of the refreshed 2021 Tesla Model 3 has been the center console design lately. Many thought Tesla had taken a step back from their simplistic and futuristic design language when the first-ever image of the new center console leaked.

The rumor in the previous week said that the new Model 3 center console works differently than the pre-refresh version — it slides. This rumor is confirmed by the latest video shared on YouTube by a Chinese owner or a visitor to the Tesla Store.

The new center console storage space opens and closes with a sliding function. When closed, just start pushing it forward until the cover locks at the other end. To close the shutter again, it just requires a little one-finger push. Let’s watch this in action in the following video.

Even after watching the video and the center console open-close functionality, the opinion of it being better than the old one is divided among the Tesla Community. Most of the comments I have read across social media are negative, a high percentage of people is not appreciative of the overall design.

Keeping the old design and integrating the sliding function might have made potential Tesla Model 3 buyers happier. Let’s read some interesting comments from the video’s Twitter thread.

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New wireless charging dock

Along with the center console design, the wireless phone charging docks are completely redesigned by Tesla. The phone when placed on these ~45° tilted rubber beds, they start charging. But this design is also receiving criticism from all corners of the Tesla Community and otherwise.

2021 Tesla Model 3 new wireless charging dock with a phone placed on charging. Credits: Sam Lee / YouTube.

The new Model 3 wireless charging dock is not yet tested with the car accelerating, especially at the time of full-throttle launches for 0-60 time. Maybe Tesla has tested this beforehand but it is just our assumption.

As soon as deliveries reach the customers, the charging dock will need to stand the test of time to prove its usability in various circumstances.

Another rumor is that this center-console design will also transition to the Tesla Model Y electric crossover with the passage of time, most probably will first be seen in European Model Ys made at Gigafactory Berlin next year.

Today is a big day at Tesla (TSLA) as the Silicon Valley automaker announces its quarterly earnings for Q3 2020, so stay tuned for the updates.

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