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Watch the first and fantastic review of the 2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+


Tesla Fremont factory shipped the first 2021 Tesla Model 3 with the design refresh tweaks to Europe and the UK. Rory Reid of AutoTrader has just got his hands on one of the Standard Range Plus variants and posted a worth watching holiday season-themed review.

Takes of the ex-Top Gear host were from a neutral point-of-view and coming from an ICE background, he had mostly positive things to say about the refreshed Tesla Model 3. Let’s look at some major points the reviewer pointed out in his review.

Double glazed windows

Tesla Model 3 double glazed windows in the 2021 refreshed model. Credits: AutoTrader UK.

Tesla has seriously worked on noise insulation in the 2021 Tesla Model 3 refresh. With the double glazed windows, the new Model 3 feels more plush and serene, according to the AutoTrader review.

Double glazed windows are also useful for maintaining the interior cabin temperature. According to Red Energy, a 30% heat loss or gain can be achieved compared to single glazed windows. The only thing is the increase in cost, which Tesla is bearing in the case of the new Tesla Model 3.

Dual wireless charging docks

Two wireless phone charging docks in the 2021 Tesla Model 3. Credits: AutoTrader UK.

2021 Tesla Model 3 has two wireless phone charging docks compared to none in the previous version. This is an added convenience for both the driver and passenger, back seat passengers can wait for their turn.

Tesla has also re-designed the Model 3 center console but it got mixed reviews from the Tesla Community. But the reviewer liked it, no surprise from a traditional car enthusiast.

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Electric Tailgate / Trunk

2021 Tesla Model 3 is equipped with an electric tailgate, previously not-present. Credits: AutoTrader UK.

Rory Reid thinks that Elon Musk has taken note of his complaint about this small feature and equipped the 2021 Model 3 with an electric tailgate. Very handy in a variety of situations, the host gives the one-touch open & close demo in his review video.

No more water spill in the Model 3 boot

New gutter designed to stop water spill into the 2021 Tesla Model 3 boot. Credits: AutoTrader UK.

Tesla has solved a long time Model 3 issue by adding a gutter before the boot that drains the water before it enters the trunk compartment — part of Tesla’s continuous improvement cycle.

USB port in the glove box for Sentry Mode flash drive

Tesla has provided a smartly placed the 3rd USB port in the 2021 Model 3 glove box. This is a comparably secure location for the Sentry Mode flash drive that records vandalism and any unexpected incidents while driving.

Now the vandals will not be able to easily run away with the Sentry Mode footage proof unless they know the PIN code to open the car’s glove box.

Christmas tree on top of the Model 3 glass roof

Tesla Model 3 carrying a Christmas tree on top of its glass roof. Credits: AutoTrader UK.

AutoTrader drove the Tesla Model 3 for hours with a Christmas tree tied to the glass roof of the car. This was a test of the strength of the glass roof and the handling of the car which the driver puts through various terrains, even wet and muddy paths in a jungle.

If it was a less car, that Christmas tree would’ve gone flying hours ago.

Rory Reid / AutoTrader

The glass roof of the Tesla Model 3 can bear the force of around 9,000 kg (19,842 lbs) on top of it, roughly 5 Model 3s can be stacked on top of it and it would ideally still be intact. This pretty much proved to be true in a chain collision in China, where the Model 3 rolled over and the glass roof did not break at all.

What’s more about the 2021 Tesla Model 3?

Here’s a list of the features, options added or improved besides the things discussed above:

  • Chrome delete on window trims, side-repeater cameras covers, door handles
  • New Aero Wheels for SR+ (slightly re-designed sport wheels)
  • Heat Pump (thermal solution idea transitioned from the Model Y)
  • Slightly reduced frunk space
  • Removal of the piano black trim on the center console
  • Components well tightened together (center touchscreen rigidity comparison with the VW ID.3 in the video review)
  • Improved fit and finish
  • Still no heated steering wheel
  • No blind-spot warning

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By Iqtidar Ali

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