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Tesla Giga Shanghai is estimated to produce 500k+ Model 3 and Model Y cars in 2021, study suggests


A study conducted by a Chinese financial company China Industrial Securities suggests that Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is estimated to produce more than 500,000 cars this year.

Since Tesla’s mega car manufacturing plant in Shanghai has already reached the weekly production capacity of 8,000 cars per week, the automaker does not need a giant leap to reach the ideal 500k/year figure.

Out of weekly 8k total cars, Tesla is producing 5,000 Model 3s and 3,000 Model Ys. At end of the year (EOY), Tesla is expected to build 278k Model 3s and 275k Model Ys at Giga Shanghai. 100,000 of these Tesla Model 3 and Model Y EVs are expected to be exported to Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East as well.

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Tesla retail investor and enthusiast @Ray4Tesla shared this study on his Twitter account, since the contents are in the Chinese language, he was able to translate it for us because of Chinese origin.

Tesla officially launched Made-in-China Model Y last week in the country and according to China Central TV News (CCTV), 100,000 cars have already been pre-ordered by Chinese customers.

SUV body type is more popular in China and Tesla knows it well as Chinese customers are crazy about Tesla Model X and most people prefer it over the Model S. The launch of MIC Model Y compact electric SUV created enough excitement among potential customers that they rushed towards the Tesla stores to get a feel of their dream car in the real world.

According to reports, people even waited outside Tesla China stores to check out the newly introduced Model Y.

People checking out the Tesla Model Y at the Tesla store/showroom in Shanghai, China. Source @JayinShanghai / Twitter.

If Gigafactory Shanghai is able to produce 500+ cars this year, which is most probable and the Gigafactory Berlin starts producing its first European Model Ys, Tesla might just be able to pull the 1 million+ cars per year target in 2021. Tesla has also managed to source lithium hydroxide for its battery production for the next five years from China recently.

Car carrier trailers and huge car transport vessels have already been seen transporting the Chinese made Model 3 and Model Y EVs within the country (videos below).

Tesla has already achieved the target of producing 500,000+ cars at the Fremont factory this year which Elon Musk had predicted in 2014. No doubt Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai had a major role in this achievement and will be a vital organ of the Silicon Valley-based automaker’s fantastic and gigantic future.


By Iqtidar Ali

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