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Watch how Tesla FSD Beta with update 48.35.1/Build 8 has improved at navigating city streets


Update: Actually there was confusion in the Tesla Community about FSD Beta V10, actually it was V8. The article is updated accordingly.

Privileged Tesla owners whose cars are equipped with the limited release Full Self-Driving Beta software are constantly updating the world with the improvements happening with each release. The latest version of the Autopilot FSD Beta is 2020.48.35.1 (V8 / Build 8) — we have found some interesting test videos from this update that demonstrate how Tesla’s self-driving program is progressing.

Since its launch back in October last year, Tesla is releasing an update of FSD Beta every week or two. The latest update is the 8th installment of FSD Beta that’s why it’s called V8 or Build 8.

Kim Paquette, who is the owner of a unicorn silver Tesla Model 3, is one of the most consistent FSD Beta testers out there. She has been driving her Model 3 on FSD Beta almost across the entire United States, let’s see what she has evaluated this time.

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Right-turn at a difficult intersection

According to Kim, FSD Beta was previously not able to handle this tricky intersection at all but with the latest update (Build 8), Autopilot handled the scenario in a much better way. However, she had to intervene at the end to avoid touching the curb on the left side of the road.

9-minute drive at night with zero interventions

Kim wrote the following in the video description of this FSD Beta drive on Build 8:

9 minutes Of a 12 minute perfect Tesla FSD Beta drive. Edited a portion (on a straight road, nothing happening) where a took a phone call. This build is the first time I have gone from the beginning point to end without so much even a nudge on the accelerator.

Improved roundabout performance

James Locke is another beta tester for FSD Beta, he reports that with Build 8, Tesla Autopilot‘s ability to handle roundabouts has improved. This time FSD Beta 8 handles this roundabout more quickly with increased confidence.

Navigating a winding road

This time, Kim puts FSD Beta 48.35.1 (build 8) through a series of winding city streets of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. She says:

#FSDBeta in a twisty neighborhood in Portsmouth — pretty straightforward. At the other place you asked about, it stopped as if there were a stop sign, as it should have (because there should be a stop sign there. Weird.)

In the near future, Tesla will be fully migrating to Neural Net for Autopilot decision making instead of using built-in programming logic, a Tesla hacker has discovered this looking at the backend code. This will eliminate the need for waiting for a software update to improve the Autopilot decision making and self-driving experience.

Even with the current decision-making process, one Tesla Model 3 owner was able to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles on Autopilot FSD Beta without interventions — amazing.

A 30-minute drive on FSD Beta

30 minutes unedited drive on Build 8 around Newport and Middletown, RI. Overall, build 8 is a huge leap from any previous build. But, areas that need improvement:

– Yielding logic is still being tweaked. My one disengagement was yielding entering a rotary. My car stopped yielding (and would instead stop) at this rotary starting with build 8. This time, it didn’t feel like it was going to yield so I intervened.

– Creeping logic has greatly improved over previous builds, but still being worked on. Does great on some roads, not on others.

– Confidence in turning – most turns are great, but sometimes it can be too slow. Still, a major improvement over previous builds.

– One-way street recognition still not addressed, so my car tries to drive on the right if there are no lines marking parallel spaces.

Kim Paquette / YouTube.

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Great Videos. Makes me very jealous. I have a Model S and can’t wait. The car drives great handles like drivers were actually driving. Watching close appears to solve many of the problems I have with the Self Drive general release. My Father was a mechanic who passed years ago he would have gone crazy seeing this car.

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