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Tesla Semi prototype spotted being filmed on the Fremont factory test track


Expect some new stunning promo video and stunning shots of the Tesla Semi in the near future as the class-8 electric hauler by the Silicon Valley EV maker was seen being filmed on the Fremont car factory’s test track.

Tesla fan Chris Nguyen was flying his drone over Tesla’s Fremont factory yesterday when he saw a Tesla Model Y acting as a camera car for shooting the Tesla Semi run on the factory’s test track facility. Just like the Tesla Model Y was filmed in the wild by a Model S camera car in the past, about a year before its deliveries began, but it was another timeline.

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The short drone videos are in two parts, Chris had to shorten the videos of this golden moments because his drone was having some issues.

This Tesla Semi is one of the two white prototypes spotted last month with the new design tweaks. The new design changes made to the Tesla Semi make it sleeker than it originally was. Without the trailer and full 80,000 lbs of load, we can see that it has the acceleration of a sports car and handles like one on the race track.

Besides being filmed for promotional content, this Tesla Semi looks like it is close to a production candidate as well.

During the Q4 2020 Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that a Tesla Semi requires 5X more cells than a normal car, cell supply constraint is actually holding the Semi production back, he expressed.

Let’s watch Part 2 of this interesting video. Stay tuned for more interesting Tesla news, updates, and videos, follow us on: Google News | Flipboard | RSS (Feedly).


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