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Tesla Model Y vs. Ford Mach-E luggage capacity comparison


It has been less than a year since when Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E were spotted side-by-side at the Ford R&D Center in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Now as more and more customers are getting their hands on both these vehicles, some practicality comparisons can be performed.

Shannon from YouTube channel EV & Chill bought a Ford Mach-E a few months ago and since she already owns a Tesla Model 3, she’s able to compare it with owning a Tesla experience.

But for now, she is going to demonstrate how capable Model Y and Mach-E are in terms of luggage capacity. On paper, Model Y has 68 cu ft of total cargo capacity vs. Mach-E’s 59.6 cu ft. However, these numbers include the 2nd-row seats folded down, which does not happen in this test.

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This luggage comparison test is about witnessing how many suitcases each vehicle can fit in its trunk and also in the frunk area. This test takes the everyday practical approach rather than calculating cargo spaces with a measuring tape.

Three extra-large, one large, and two carry-on suitcases are used for this luggage capacity comparison test between a Tesla Model Y and Ford Mach-E. This is fairly a good number of suitcases, especially when the 2nd-row seats are up, let’s watch if they fit in both of these electric vehicles.

Model Y luggage test

The tailgate of the Model Y was not able to close with 3 extra-large suitcases in the trunk. So by changing the configuration, Shannon was able to fit 2 extra-large, 2 carry-on, and 1 large suitcase in the trunk, by using the space in the sub-trunk (located under the tray), she was able to fit an additional large suitcase inside — impressive.

Let’s not forget the Model Y-front trunk (frunk) here, it also fits 1 standard carry-on luggage bag easily and still has some space for some small items.

Mustang Mach-E luggage test

The trunk of Mach-E also has ample space but has to be filled with 1 extra-large, 1 large, and 3 carry-on luggage suitcases. Putting in two extra-large suitcases does not allow any other bags to be added with them as the trunk lid is not able to close in this situation.

The tailgate of Mach-E opens back up automatically when it is not able to close, this is a good convenience feature and shows clear confirmation if the door is actually closed or not.

If the divider of the Ford Mach-E frunk is removed, it also has the capacity to store a large suitcase — good stuff.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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