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Unplugged Model S Plaid to conquer Pikes Peak in two weeks


A customized Tesla Model S Plaid is getting ready for Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in two weeks, reveals the famous racecar car driver Randy Pobst. This Model S has is getting prepared for this tough racing challenge by none other than Unplugged Performance.

In recent years, Unplugged Performance has come forward as the ultimate one-stop-shop for modified Tesla cars, specially made for Tesla track racing.

Unplugged Performance has revealed the modified Tesla Model S Plaid and the team behind getting this acceleration beast to Pikes Peak for an exhilarating ride.

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An Unplugged Tesla car has to be stripped off of as much weight as possible to deliver on its full potential on the race track. Almost the entire interior of the Unplugged Model S Plaid has been stripped out including the airbags, door panels, all the seats, and only one racing seat installed with six-point racing belts.

To collect race track test data and give it a try, the Unplugged Performance team took their Tri-Motor Model S Plaid to the Laguna Seca Raceway. Interestingly, in this test run, the Model S Plaid already took over supercars like Porsche GT2RS, McLaren Senna, and McLaren P1 — ouch!

Luckily, the footage of the Unplugged Model S taking over these ICE supercars was recorded.

Faster than any Porsche, safer than any Volvo.

Elon Musk at Model S Plaid delivery event

Unplugged officially commented on this video that they are just here for a warm up run to prepare for the bigger challenge at Pikes Peak.

We are just shaking down the car and learning. We have a lot more work to do. Learned a lot today. Not going for any lap records or anything here. Just preparing for Pikes Peak and learning totally new platform. We have a lot more work to do. This car will be much faster still!

Unplugged Performance via Twitter.

Looks like the Model S Plaid is already kicking some serious butt — but this is just the start, as soon as more and more customers get their hands on the new Plaid S, the races and shaming of the ICE car performance will increase with time.

Modified Tesla Model S Plaid by Unplugged Performance.

Last year, Unplugged Performance took a modified Tesla Model 3 Performance to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb but unfortunately, it crashed in its first run. Despite this calamity, the Unplugged team started a resurrection regime, the same Model 3 Performance was re-built and completed the lap time in 11:04.131 (the complete resurrection and final run story).

The Unplugged Model S Plaid will surely do much much better than this, might climb this year’s Pikes Peak chart in the top positions, fingers crossed.

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“Meet Plaid! My Unplugged Performance Pikes Peak ride, in just two weeks. Thanks, Ben Schaffer, and Avi, Eddie, and Craig of Unplugged Performance, and supporters Bilstein, Yokohama, and Tesla!”(Randy Pobst via Instagram).

How fast is the UP Tesla Model S Plaid race car? Watch our talented driver Randy Pobst demonstrate how easy surpassing 150mph is at Laguna Seca! We were passing the McLaren Senna and P1 like they were standing still.

Unplugged Performance / YouTube (video below).

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