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FSD Beta V9 can render dogs and taillights — a DOGE easter egg is possible, says Musk


Tesla’s recently released FSD Beta V9 self-driving beta software update has some major improvements compared to the previous version. One of these is the driving visualization improvement, and it can now even render dogs and more interestingly the taillights of the surrounding cars.

FSD Beta V9 driving visualization rendering shows taillights of surrounding vehicles (details and video in the article). Credits: Eli Burton / Twitter (video below).

As we can see in the screenshot of the FSD Beta V9 driving visualization on a busy road above, the Tesla vehicle is able to detect which car has its brake pedal pressed at the moment. In the video below, we can see as soon as the brake pedal is released (red warning taillamp turns off), the Full Self-Driving Autopilot vision turns the light off in the visuals on screen.

This is a step-change improvement that will help the Autopilot software in determining the intent of the drivers around the vehicle.

Tesla FSd Beta V9 driving visualization showing active taillamps of a car in front. Credits: K10 / Twitter.

This does not end here of course, “It will soon capture turn signals, hazards, ambulance/police lights & even hand gestures,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied to the video above in a tweet. The release of these features will be as highly anticipated as the Traffic Light and Stop Sign control update that Tesla rolled out last year after a long wait, but it works flawlessly now.

Since the new FSD visualizations in V9 can render dogs, Musk hinted at a potential easter egg hidden in this latest update. “Maybe if it sees a Shiba Inu, the car renders a Dogecoin,” tweeted Elon Musk.

Looks like no beta testers of FSD Beta 9 have encountered a Shiba Inu dog yet while testing their new self-driving vehicle on the road. But we all know Musk is a fan of easter eggs because of his childhood memories of arcade games.

Teslas have always had some kind of easter eggs since the start, so we can expect something like a Dogecoin render in FSD visualizations, not a far cry for a super nerd like Elon Musk.

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