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Tesla fan renders Giga Berlin 4680 cell factory (progress update, drone video)


In reality, there is only one column installed for the cell manufacturing building at Gigfactory Berline Brandeburg. While local observer and Tesla enthusiast Tobias Lindh has produced a 3D render of the building using the 2D drawings submitted by Tesla for approval to the local authorities.

This new cell building will mainly be used for producing Tesla’s next-gen 4680 form-factor cells for Tesla Model Y electric SUVs also produced at Giga Berlin. Vehicle and cell production at the same Gigafactory will streamline the production process at Tesla’s European car manufacturing plant, resulting in even faster production and deliveries in the region.

3D render of the 4680 cell factory, made from the official design. Credits: Tobias Lindh / Twitter.
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Tesla plans to utilize large areas of the cell factory roof for installing solar panels. This will provide a good portion of the electricity needs of the factory via a 100% sustainable form of energy.

Blueprint diagram of the cell production plant at the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin (the solar panel area of the roof is marked with red). Image: Tesla German via Tobias Lindh / Twitter, editing by Iqtidar Ali / Click the image for the full-size version.

Tesla started its initial hiring process for the cell factory at Giga Berlin in December last year. Along with the hiring update, Tesla also released a short video teaser of how the 4680 cells will be produced at Giga Berlin.

Tobias reveals another interesting fact that the Giga Berlin cell factory is 25 meters tall as he found this information in the application documents.

Latest Progress Update

A view inside the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin paint shop with robots standing by to start painting Tesla cars. Image Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

In the Q2 2021 earnings report, Tesla shared the recent photo of the Giga Berlin paint shop. From time to time, the electric automaker’s CEO Elon Musk has been saying that this will be the world’s most advanced paint shop — looking at the above picture, this looks promising.

Giga Berlin will have world’s most advanced paint shop, with more layers of stunning colors that subtly change with curvature.

Elon Musk via Twitter

Tobias recorded his latest drone video footage of Gigafactory Berlin on July 31st, showing the great progress Tesla is making in its construction. He shared the following update in the video description as well:

Yesterday the first column for the cell production building was installed (0:30, 13:10), and the next section of the foundation got poured with concrete (0:25, 11:25).

We see more Model Y bodies (7:00) and the 3rd Giga Press casting machine is progressing (9:30) as well as the second chimney (10:00).

More water pipes are laid under the future aisles of the parking lot (1:30), but apart from a gravel area for the central utility building (4:50, 8:00), there was almost no progress on the supply buildings at Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg.

I think the company that builds the supply buildings is the same that builds the cell production building, and it seems like they put all their workers at the cell production building.

Tobias Lindh / YouTube (video below).

Tesla aims to begin the European Model Y production at Giga Berlin later this year.

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