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Tesla releases FSD Beta 10 — bird’s-eye view, testing videos, updates


Tesla has released the newest installment (V10) of its Full Self-Driving beta software to the Early Access Program (EAP) members consisting of both employees and select Tesla vehicle owners.

Silicon Valley-based automaker’s CEO Elon Musk has also provided tons of updates and given some forward-looking statements on Twitter on what’s coming next after FSD Beta 10 (firmware version 2021.24.15). The beta testers have reported that there are no new release notes published by Tesla for the V10 update (check out the old V9.2 release notes).

“Think of Beta 10 as enabling a significantly higher local maximum than Beta 9,” Musk summarized the FSD Beta 10.0 in a tweet.

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Driving Visualizations Improvements in FSD Beta 10

One new interesting feature added in the FSD Beta 10 is the bird’s-eye view of the driving visualization. The software automatically decides when to activate the bird’s eye-view as demonstrated in the following video posted by a beta tester. Most probably, the bird’s-eye view is auto-triggered at intersections for a better view of the traffic from all directions.

Tesla added the manual zoom and rotate feature to the driving visualizations to Model 3 cars back in 2019 (update version 2019.28.3.7). But since the driving visualizations are displayed on Model S and Model X are displayed on the instrument cluster screen which is not a touchscreen, the bird’s-eye view feature will remain automatic in the future for all cars.

Tesla FSD Beta 10 with more prominent lane markings and better rendering. Credits: Frenchie / YouTube (testing video below).

The lane lines and road markings are rendered better in the new FSD Beta 10 release. The renderings of the surrounding traffic and objects also look crispier with smoother transitions to the older versions, especially V7 and V8.

Test Drive Videos


In this video that Musk liked himself, one fascinating point came when at a right turn a truck in front and the immediate left lane was a little over the right lane marking. FSD Beta 10 loaded Tesla Model 3 stopped just behind it. The car even tried to creep forward a little but did not move, a human would have easily decided to occupy the right lane beside the truck in this scenario.

Later on, while making a left turn at an intersection, Tesla Autopilot got totally confused about the situation and the driver had to take over as the car was making unexpected movements right and left while completing the turn. The system still needs improvement and more confidence.

TSLA bull and stock analyst Rob Maurer is also one of the beta testers of the Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta program. Just at the start of his first test drive of FSD Beta V10, he had to take over as the car was about to hit the vehicle in front while trying a right turn.

This unexpected Autopilot behavior might also happen when the vehicle has updated to a major FSD version the cameras and sensors are recalibrating or have just recalibrated. After some drive, things should become normal but the driver should be alert all the time to take over the steering wheel. Let’s watch how this happened.


What’s Next

According to Elon Musk, FSD Beta version 10.1 is going to be released in about 3 weeks and the creeping forward mechanism will gain more confidence in this next update.

The next update 10.1 of FSD Beta might get late but since Tesla is the only company making a real effort in self-driving software and hardware, Tesla owners and enthusiasts pardon Elon Musk often for his late but definite delivery.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving dream is the toughest puzzle that a software company has faced yet and if successful, the automaker will make history once again.

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