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This Giga Texas drive-by video shows how truly massive this megastructure is — rainwater system update


A Tesla enthusiast drove by the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin, Texas — and while his car was moving ahead at 70 mph, the guy in the passenger seat recorded a video of this megastructure.

We have seen many drone videos of Giga Texas since the construction started last year. But this video shot from the ground in a moving vehicle also shows how truly enormous the building is.

It took around 1 minute to cross the building driving at 70 mph (~113 km/h) from one end to the other on highway 130. Since the time was close to evening, all the lights inside the factory were lit up, throwing soothing light out of the glass windows, adding a touch of beauty to engineering par excellence.

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Reddit user @Dont_Bogart_that posted this video to the Tesla Lounge subreddit, later on, cross-posted to the r/teslamotors subreddit, accumulating around 4k upvotes in total. On my request, the owner of the video posted it on YouTube and I thanked him for that. Let’s watch the hugeness of the Gigafactory Texas, sometimes referred to as Terafactory Texas as well.

The trucks and cars parked outside the factory are looking like tiny toys in front of this multi-storied building.

Gigafactory Austin, Texas drive-by video as of November 01, 2021.

I shot the same video when I was in Austin last weekend. Seeing it in person is even more impressive. Your brain kind of tells you there’s no way that’s a single building.

u/GromitATL / Reddit

Latest Progress Report and Video

According to the latest progress update video (below) by local observer Joe Tegtmeyer, there has been a lot of work going on in the rainwater management system at the factory. This system is being built according to the site development permit plan issued by the government of Austin, TX.

Giga Texas: Diagram of the rainwater flow system towards the south from the roof and surroundings of the factory. Credits: / Joe Tegtmeyer.

This rainwater management system will direct the flow of rainwater from around the factory and its roof towards the south direction (see diagram above). This rainwater is accumulated into the ponds around Giga Texas and then poured into the Colorado River via large underground pipes.

Joe explains this rainwater collection and management system construction progress with his wealth of knowledge about Gigafactory Texas.

Tesla Model Y production start at Giga Texas can happen in a few weeks and the automaker is also gearing up for Cybertruck production next year.

Progress at this Tesla factory location should further accelerate as the automaker is shifting its headquarters in Texas as well.

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Video: Gigafactory Texas rainwater management system construction update.

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