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Tesla starts testing Model Y stamping machines at Giga Texas


2021 has entered into its last month and the Christmas holidays are near and Tesla is moving towards Model Y production at the Gigafactory Texas as fast as it can. The automaker had originally planned to start production at Giga Texas towards the end of this year but it seems like it’s going to be Q1 2022 now.

Local observers of Giga Texas noticed some new happenings at the factory yesterday (Dec 5) and shared the info in their drone flyover videos.

Joe Tegtmeyer, who is one of the leading Giga Texas observers and commentators noticed a number of scrapped Model Y body panels being thrown in large containers outside the production building. Most probably, these parts were scrapped as the stamping press machines are calibrated at the factory.

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Tesla Model Y scrapped stamped body panels at Giga Texas (full video below).

This means Tesla has started the calibration of the Model Y stamping press machines at Giga Texas and resulting in faulty body panels seen in the above drone photo.

Tesla shared this photo of the Giga Texas Model Y stamping press area earlier this year. Photo: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

In another instance, Jeff Roberts, who also covers Giga Texas in his drone YouTube videos, captured a stockpile of different raw materials or Model Y parts out in the open at the factory.

Tesla Model Y body frame on the test vehicle production line at Giga Texas from early July 2021. Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer / Twitter.

Tesla has been reportedly testing the Model Y production lines with pre-built body-in-white (BIW) Model Ys since July. But the stamping machines seem to have just been started to accelerate Model Y production at the factory.

The overall Model Y factory at Giga Berlin also has gone through significant construction progress. In a previous couple of weeks, the roof of the Model Y production factory has been completed. Numerous other works outside the factory-like the roads and rainwater drainage systems are also near completion.

Since Tesla has decided to start Giga Texas with Model Y production instead of the Cybertruck, the automaker is currently fully focused on the Model Y building. Although Tesla has more than 1.2 million Cybertruck pre-orders at hand that are worth above $81 billion.

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Tesla Gigafactory Texas (Terafactory) construction progress update as of Dec 5, 2021.

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