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Tesla introduces faceplates for wall connectors that match the color of your car


As the Christmas holidays are nearing, Tesla is on a roll to introduce new products and merch like the Cyberwhistle and the Cyberquad for Kids. Now Tesla has rolled out a small but interesting accessory for its Wall Connector charger for home and commercial use.

Tesla owners can now buy a faceplate for the home Wall Connector that matches the color of their cars. The Wall Connector originally comes in silver color but now Tesla car owners have more choices.

The new color-matched faceplates for Tesla Wall Connectors come in exactly the same color names and codes that the automaker’s vehicle lineup has. The colors are Midnight Silver Metallic (gray), Red Multi-Coat, Deep Blue Metallic, and Black.

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The color-coded Wall Connector faceplate is priced at $100. The Wall Connector itself costs $550. So if you want your Tesla home charging adapter to match the color of your car you will have to spend $650 in total on purchasing (installation charges are separate that your electrician will let you know).

Tesla Wall Connector matching faceplate in Red Mult-Coat color. Image: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

These new matching color faceplates are only compatible with 3rd generation Tesla Wall Connectors. So buyers should first confirm if their adapters are 3rd generation or not.

Perfectly pair your Wall Connector to the paint color of your Tesla vehicle with Wall Connector Color Matched Faceplate. Made from the same durable tempered glass as the original design, these faceplates offer a stylish alternative to your Tesla charging setup and easy installation. Available in Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, Red Multi-Coat, and Solid Black. 


– 1x glass faceplate

– 2x glass cover fasteners

For installation instructions, visit Replacing Faceplate of Gen 3 Wall Connector.

Proudct description at the Tesla online shop
Tesla Wall Connector with matching faceplate in Deep Blue Metallic color. Image: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

3rd generation Tesla Wall Connectors are capable of connecting via WiFi. This connectivity to the internet lets the charger update its firmware to the latest version for bug fixes and improvements via free over-the-air software updates from Tesla.

Let’s check out how to connect your Tesla Wall Connector to WiFi and more useful tips in the following video.

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