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Giga Texas: Harold Green officially renamed to Tesla Road, IDRA delivers another Giga Press


The voting session of the Travis County Commissioner’s Court this past Tuesday (01/11/20221) has unanimously approved the renaming of Harold Green Road to Tesla Road.

“The east-west section of Harold Green Road from the intersection with the north-south section of FM973 to the city limit of the City of Austin is named “Tesla Road,” the official order of the Travis County Commissioner confirmed the name change (order PDF below).

This name change was requested by Tesla, Inc. and the matter was under process by the Travis County officials since last month. However, TxDOT placed the Tesla Road sign 1/2 half a mile ahead of Exit 446 — even ahead of the official confirmation. Tesla later clarified that it happened due to miscommunication (reported by KVUE/abc).

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View/Download PDF | Source: Travis County
The road leading to Gigafactory Austin Texas is now officially renamed Tesla Road from Harold Green Road. Credit: Gail Alfar / Twitter.

By illustrating a piece of Google Maps, I have tried to mark the Tesla Road from its start to end. We can also see Giga Texas marked on the bottom and the new Tesla HQ towards the top.

Tesla Road on the map. Source: Google Maps. Tap/Click to zoom in.

The new address of the Tesla Gigafactory after this change is now “13101 Tesla Road, Austin, TX, 78725“.

Production Update

IDRA delivered another 6000-ton Tesla Model Y Giga Casting machine to Giga Texas this Tuesday. These giant machines will produce front and rear Model Y underbody castings. The Giga Casting process reduces production complexity, time consumption, and the number of parts needed to put a large underbody frame together.

This delivery brings the number of 6000-ton Model Y Giga Casting machines at Giga Texas to 4 machines in total. Enough to handle two production lines making the front and rear underbody Giga casts simultaneously.

Parts for the new IDRA 6000-ton Tesla Model Y Giga Casting machines delivered to Giga Texas. Credit: Jeff Roberts / Twitter.

Tesla Model Y electric SUV production at Giga Texas can start any day now as local observers are reporting it constantly. Also, the Austin, TX Fire Marshal has already given clearance for certain parts of the factory which is a good sign.

Tesla also plans to start Cybertruck production at Giga Texas late this year. But IDRA has yet to deliver the first 8,000-ton Cybertruck Giga Casting machine to Tesla.

Until last year, we saw that Tesla has prepared 3 footings for the 8,000-ton Giga Press machines at Giga Texas and the first machine has yet to be installed.

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