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Tesla starts delivering Giga Berlin-made Model Y SUVs outside of Germany


Tesla just started delivering Giga Berlin-made Model Y electric SUVs to the first customers last week. On the delivery day, the automaker just handed over 30 Model Ys to its customers who were actually Giga Berlin employees.

Today, a Tesla YouTuber Lars Strandridder witnessed 5 Model Y Performance cars getting delivered at a store in Denmark.

It is surprising yet interesting that in a short span of one week, Tesla has started delivering cars to other European countries hundreds of miles away.

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The Tesla Store in Aarhus, Denmark hosted the first delivery event of the Model Y outside of Germany. This store handed over 5 top of the Model Y Performance cars at this delivery center today.

As we reported earlier, Giga Berlin is currently only producing the Performance variants of the Model Y to maximize production rate and profitability.

Lars was at the Aarhus Tesla delivery center a few hours ago and said that the Model Ys he’s looking at are “marvelous”. The first cars delivered last week were also praised for their build quality and sleek finish.


A local Giga Berlin observer (@GF4Tesla / Twitter) has reported that several delivery centers and Tesla stores across Germany have been already supplied with Giga Berlin-made Model Ys. So, it is now time to start sending cars outside the country as well.

A lucky German Tesla Model Y owner driving away his car after getting a direct delivery from Giga Berlin. A car carrier trailer can also be seen leaving the factory with new Model Y Performance mid-size electric SUVs. Credit: @GF4Tesla / Twitter.

GF4Tesla spotted a Model Y getting a direct delivery from the Gigafactory Berlin today as well. And some car carrier trailers also left the factory loaded with the fresh supply of Model Y EVs today.

However, there is no solid report of how many Model Ys the automaker is making at Giga Berlin per day.

Owner of a Giga Berlin-made Tesla Model Y checking out his car for any quality issues before taking delivery (he found no panel gaps, hence, the quality of MIG Model Y is par excellence). Credit: Best In Tesla / YouTube (full video below).

Update: Lars has posted his delivery day experience at the Tesla Aarhus Store in Denmark today. He has also posted some great imagery of the MIG Giga Berlin-made Model Ys in his video (below).

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Video: First Giga Berlin-made Model Y deliveries in Denmark.

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