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Enjoy the Tesla Super Pool while your vehicle is Supercharging, now introduced in Germany


Tesla has added a new interesting attraction to a Supercharger station in Hilden, Germany — a mobile swimming pool. This is a small rectangular pool that will offer Tesla passengers to have a good time while their car is getting charged.

According to Tesla Welt Podcast, a German Tesla YouTube channel, this pool at the Hilden Supercharger station will start offering the service on Thursday 4th August 2022 (video report below).

Tesla owners and passengers will be allowed to use this small swimming pool (aka Super Pool) for 10-minute intervals as their car receives DC fast charging at the Supercharger station. This small pool and the balls inside it are branded with the Tesla wordmarks.

It normally takes 25-30 mins on average to charge a Model 3 or Model Y from 20% to 80% state-of-charge (SoC) on both the older V2 Superchargers (150 kW) and the new V3 Supercharchargers (250 kW).

The V3 Supercharging speed slows down gradually as the battery moves toward a higher SoC. So it’s best to charge from V3 Tesla Superchargers for 15-minute sessions for a quick charge from 20% to 60% SoC (demonstrated in the following video).

Video: How much time it takes to charge a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y from 20% to 80% SoC on a V2 vs. V3 Supercharger.
Tesla adds a mobile swimming pool placed at the Hilden Germany Supercharger. Credit: Tesla Welt Podcast / YouTube.

So, the Tesla Supercharger in the town of Hilden, Germany has 40 charging stalls at this location. The automaker will make this newly-introduced idea of a swimming pool available to customers from tomorrow onwards.

A long-time Tesla enthusiast and original Roadster owner have opened a restaurant at this Supercharger location that he runs on sustainable energy. For the restaurant, he has installed separate solar panels on the poles in the open area and has installed a 2 Megawatt battery storage system by Teslvolt.

The Hilden Tesla Supercharger is at least 564 km (~350 miles) away from the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg (by road, source: Google Maps).

A FASTNED DC fast charging station with 6 stalls is also attached to this Tesla Supercharger station for other electric vehicle owners to have a good experience and get to know more about Tesla and Superchargers for inspiration.

Tesla has started offering its Supercharger stations available for electric vehicles from other manufacturers, the transition has begun in Europe and is slowly expanding. This was the main reason Tesla retrofitted its European Supercharger stations with the CCS2 plugs and cars with the CCS2 design charge port.

Some Tesla enthusiasts think that this idea is not going to work because of various reasons including hygiene issues and practicality in the long term.

Tesla is on an innovation spree in Germany as the automaker showcased a trailer with expandable solar panels in the country a few weeks ago and now this swimming pool at a Supercharger station.

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Video: Tesla has installed a mobile swimming pool at the Tesla Supercharger in Hilden, Germany.



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