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Tesla opens its new store in Belgium just 15 mins away from the Port of Zeebrugge


Yesterday (08 September 2022), Tesla opened a new store and service center location in Brugge (Bruges), Belgium. Interestingly, this new Belgian Tesla Store is at a distance of just 15 mins (13.9 km / 8.6 miles) from the famous Port of Zeebrugge.

The Port of Zeebrugge has a rich history regarding Tesla and Europe. In February 2019, the first-ever shipment of the Tesla Model 3 electric cars to Europe was unloaded at none other than the Port of Zeebrugge (I had the honor to be one of the 1st bloggers to report it at the time).

In the beginning, Zeebrugge was the only port in Europe where Tesla used to ship Model 3s from the United States. As Giga Shanghai ramped up production, Tesla started shipping cars to other ports in Europe such as Oslo, Norway.

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Located so close to Belgium’s Zeebrugge port, Tesla Store in Brugge is going to be the hottest location in Europe to buy a Tesla for getting early deliveries.

Mayor of Brugge Dirk De fauw was the special guest and speaker at the opening of the Brugge Tesla Store and Service Center yesterday. Other guests also gave a talk about Tesla and its operations in Europe on this occasion.

Mayor of Brugge Dirk De fauw talking to the Tesla Store opening event participants about the role of Tesla in Belgium. Credit: @EstherKokkelman / Twitter.

Chair and founder of Tesla Divas Europe Esther Kokkelmans was also present at this event and took some great pictures and shared them with us and granted us permission to publish them.

Tesla had put two of its electric vehicles on display at the opening of the Brugge store and service center location. A white Tesla Model Y and a red Tesla Model 3. Both of these had interesting single-letter license plates with Y and 3 written on them respectively.

A red Tesla Model 3 on display at the Brugge Tesla Store opening ceremony in Belgium. Credit: @EstherKokkelman / Twitter.
A white Tesla Model Y on display at the Brugge Tesla Store opening ceremony in Belgium. Credit: @EstherKokkelman / Twitter.
Car owners are actually allowed to have single-letter license plates in Belgium.

The thing to remember is that Giga Berlin is currently producing a limited number of Tesla Model Y Performance variants. Some reports suggest that Giga Berlin has started making the Model Y Long Range AWD electric SUVs as well but the numbers seem to be very minimal.

Still, most of the Model Y and Model 3 variants are currently being imported from China to cater to the demand for Tesla cars in Europe.

The address for this new store is Brugge is:

Tesla Brugge
112 Pathoekeweg
8000 Brugge

There’s also a Supercharger station close to this store. More info can be found on Tesla’s official store website.

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