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Tesla Vision renders cargo train bogies as semi-trucks on the center display, Elon Musk vows to fix this issue


A Tesla owner posted a short video from inside his car while waiting for a cargo train in front. How Tesla Vision rendered the bogies of the train is particularly interesting.

Since train bogies are also called ‘trucks’ in North America, the driving visualizations on the center touchscreen of the Tesla vehicle were displayed as semi-trucks.

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A Tesla vehicle looks at the outside world through its cameras and tries to understand the physical objects based on how its AI (Tesla Neural Net) is trained to interpret them.

Since Tesla has eliminated radar from its algorithms, the vehicles rely only on cameras to understand and interpret what they see around them.

After dissolving Tesla’s PR Department, the automaker’s CEO Elon Musk handles this task alone on Twitter with his 105+ million followers. Upon seeing this issue with Tesa driving visualizations, Musk agreed that this should be fixed.

Another Elon Musk follower suggested how simply this problem can be fixed using just an IF statement in the programming logic that will render trailer-like objects on a train track to actual train bogies — not semi-trucks.

With all the data and maps of train tracks, Tesla can simply interpret and render large truck-like objects into a train and its bogies. Musk agreed to this suggestion by Prasad S, “fair point,” he said.


Since Elon Musk has taken notice of this issue which will also need to be fixed for Autopilot/FSD Beta. An over-the-air software update by the electric automaker should have it fixed asap.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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