Tesla to unveil Autopilot FSD Hardware 4.0 (HW4) and Optimus robot at AI Day 2022



Excitement and anticipation are increasing as Tesla AI Day 2022 is getting closer and closer with each passing day (Sep 30th). Tesla is almost finished sending the invites to select participants and the invitations will expire tomorrow (Sep 28) if not RSVP’d.

There are two major unveilings kept on the agenda for AI Day 2022 — Tesla’s humanoid robot Optimus and the Autopilot Full Self-Driving Hardware 4.0 (HW4) chip.


Technoking of Tesla Elon Musk introduced Optimus at the first AI Day 2021 last year. But it was just a human inside the costume of a robot that Tesla had designed as a concept.

At AI Day 2022, Elon Musk intends to unveil the first working prototype of the Tesla humanoid robot Optimus. Musk delayed this event from the original August 19th date because he wanted to showcase Optimus on this occasion.

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Tesla AI Day 2022 concept art (Cybertruck HW4, Optimus Tesla Robot).
Tesla AI Day 2022 concept art (Cybertruck HW4, Optimus Tesla Robot). Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

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Even when Tesla AI Day 2022 is 3 days away, “Optimus” is already trending on Twitter as of this writing and fans have made some crazy art like the one above and some tweets below.

Conceptual image of Optimus robots working on a Tesla vehicle assembly line.
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In a recent job posting by Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) for the software development of Tesla Bot, the company hinted that it intends to use thousands of these robots in its factories alone. Somehow, the automaker will integrate Optimus humanoid robots to work at Gigafactories and give them the most repetitive tasks.

“Our motion planning software engineers develop and own this stack from inception to deployment. Most importantly, you will see your work repeatedly shipped to and utilized by thousands of Humanoid Robots within our factories,” Tesla wrote in the description of the job posting.


Tesla unveiled the first generation of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) chip at Autonomy Day in 2019. This was the most advanced AI processor at the time and Tesla named it Hardware 3.0 (HW3) or FSD Computer 1.

Hardware 4.0 (HW4) or FSD Computer 2 is the latest generation of supercomputer AI chip that Tesla will first start using in the Cybertruck. Elon Musk and his team will explain the edge it has over the previous generation during the AI Day 2022 presentation on September 30.

Samsung has already won the contract for the mass production of FSD Computer 2 / HW4 and Tesla intends to start Cybertruck production next year (2023). So, it will not be so far in the future when we will be able to see HW 4 performance over HW3.


Tesla’s invitation emails to attend the AI Day 2022 event read as follows:

You’re invited to attend AI Day 2022 on September 30 in Palo Alto, CA. You’ll learn about Tesla’s latest developments in artificial intelligence, including Full Self-Driving, Tesla Bot, Dojo, and more.

To reserve your spot, please reply to this email by 11:59 PM on September 28. Additional details to follow. We look forward to meeting you!

A valid state-issued ID is required for admission. Your ticket is non-transferable, and no guests or plus-ones will be admitted. Travel and accommodation are not included.

Watch the AI Day 2022 live-stream recording and the Tesla Robot unveiling here.

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