Tesla Giga Berlin fire: a pile of cardboard cartons burnt in the open, environmentalists ask for production halt (video)



Yesterday on September 26th, a fire broke at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg. The early news of this fire created rumors that the factory is going to halt production — but it’s not the case.

Tesla Model Y production at Giga Berlin was not affected by this fire at all because the fire broke outside the production building.

According to responsible local observers and reporters, the fire erupted in an open area of the factory where Tesla used to store cardboard and other trash for further disposal outside the factory.

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Alex Avoigt who’s my ex-co-author at CleanTechnica and hails from Germany posted the following thread on Twitter that defunct the stories about vehicle production getting paused at Giga Berlin.

Alex debunks irresponsible reporting about the Giga Berlin fire.

The aerial photo above in Alex’s tweet shows that the fire only expanded in a limited area and is not even close to the Tesla Model Y production building.

Later on in the day, the fire was extinguished successfully without any major damage to Gigafactory Berlin, and production wasn’t affected at all.

Another aerial video posted by the local observer @Gf4Tesla shows local firefighters extinguishing the fire at Giga Berlin and taking care of the matter.

Video: Local firefighters from Berlin-Brandenburg extinguish the Giga Berlin fire.
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Locals from Brandenburg report that at least 12 firefighter trucks are always on standby at Gigafactory Berlin to tackle any situation. These firefighters are trained to handle fires that happen in such a large manufacturing facility and even have a huge number of lithium-ion batteries present at the site.

The development of its own fire department at Giga Berlin was in the initial plans of the factory. Other large manufacturing facilities in Brandeburg such as Leuna Chemical Complex, Arcelor Mittal steelworks, and the Mercedes plant all have their own fire departments to tackle such situations.

A small group of Tesla haters was against the development of the Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg from the start. For this reason, the chances of arson cannot be overlooked in this situation, some local Tesla owners and fans believe (source: Reddit).

Update: environmentalist groups ask for a production halt at Giga Berlin due to the carton fire. They ask for the disposal of the fire remains and check for any water contamination.

Tesla had reached a production rate of 1,000 Model Y electric SUVs per week at Giga Berlin back in June. The automaker hasn’t officially updated the ramped-up production figures till now, perhaps, they will be revealed in the Q3 2022 financial report.

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