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FSD Beta Testers report improvement in unprotected left turns and phantom braking, v10.69.3 is still pending


The latest iteration of the Tesla FSD Beta software is version and beta testers have been analyzing it for a few days now.

Various testers are reporting through social media and their YouTube channels that has actually made some improvements in unprotected left turns and phantom braking.

FSD Beta 10.69.3, the next version update that Elon Musk promised would roll out after AI Day 2022 is still unheard of even 10 days after the event.

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For example, Chuck Cook tested his famous unprotected left turn (UPL) in Jacksonville, FL. Out of the 8 times he tried this difficult UPL, FSD Beta 10.69.3 failed in only 1 attempt. It’s a big improvement compared to the old versions.

For the unsuccessful attempts where the driver has to take over the steering wheel from Autopilot, Tesla urges drivers to tap the snapshot button to send a feedback video clip back to the Tesla engineering team. This set of data helps the automaker’s software Autopilot AI team to assess the reasons for FSD Beta’s failure to perform the specific moves.

At this year’s AI Day, Tesla engineers told Chuck to keep his car on Sentry Mode and Connected to Wi-Fi at home so that these feedback clips can easily

Video: Chuck Cook testing his famous unprotected left turn on FSD Beta

In another instance, a beta tester drove on FSD Beta across the road that had lots of trees and in the afternoon created a lot of shadows. FSD Beta drove through these shadows without any incident of phantom braking.

Phantom braking or false slowdown happens when Tesla Autopilot falsely renders a large shadow of a bridge, tree, or vehicle to a physical object. When the car thinks this is a physical object, automatic emergency braking (AEB) kicks in and the car starts to brake.

Phantom braking has been a chronic issue with Tesla Autopilot. FSD Beta 10.69 release notes suggested that the automaker focused on these false slowdown issues. But the results have truly started appearing the in the latest sub-version

In another test, FSD Beta easily navigated to an unmarked lane and flawlessly took the roundabout next. Let’s watch.

FSD Beta tester Omar/Whole Mars Catalog did some extensive testing of version and drove from Downtown Los Angeles to Downtown San Francisco with 0 disengagements (no human interventions). He recorded the entire ride you can watch it below. And let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

My friend Gail Alfar, testing FSD Beta in Austin, TX feels a marginal difference in city street driving with version

It has been 10 days since the Tesla AI Day 2022, hopefully, Tesla starts rolling out FSD Beta 10.69.3 with some major improvements to keep the excitement alive and going.

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Video: Tesla FSD Beta from Downtown LA to Downtown SF without human intervention.

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