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Tesla Model S Plaid is MKBHD’s favorite piece of tech he has ever reviewed (video interview)


One of the internet’s most famous tech reviewers Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD said in a recent interview that Tesla Model S Plaid is his favorite piece of tech he has ever reviewed.

MKHBD was invited for an interview by the Stevens Institute of Technology from where he has actually graduated from. MKBHD talked about many aspects of his life and how his YouTube journey started that now stands at 16.2 million subscribers.

“What was your favorite piece of tech that you ever got to review?” the interviewer asked. To which Marques replied:

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My natural gut reaction is the Tesla Model S Plaid which is a specific model of the four-door electric sedan from Tesla. Because it’s just one of a kind.

It’s in my opinion, it’s like the best overall car in the last decade and I think that’s like a kind of a hot take but it really rings true to me and it’s also hilariously fun.

So, yeah, that might be the most fun individual product out of all these crazy things I get to try.

Marques Brownlee (video below)

MKBHD reviewed the Tesla Model S Plaid last year that we covered in detail. He had some reservations with the steering yoke of the new Model S refresh but after driving it for around 6,800 miles, he confirmed on Twitter that he has gotten accustomed to the Tesla yoke steering wheel.

Marques loved the Tesla Model S Plaid so much that he bought one for himself. Before testing the Plaid S, he was even considering buying a Porsche Taycan as his next electric car but he changed his mind later on.


Calling a Tesla car “a piece of tech” is actually correct. Tesla has advanced the Autopilot technology, fun features, and video games that its electric cars can be defined as giant phones on wheels with powerful computing capabilities.

Since Tesla started delivering Model S Plaid cars in June 2021, the car has made multiple headlines with its extreme acceleration of under 2 seconds.

With instant torque and acceleration, Model S Plaid has made its mark at dragstrips around the globe. Just recently it defeated a Bugatti Chiron in a drag-racing battle which costs at least 26 times more than the Plaid S.

Not just drag racing, the Tesla Model S Plaid has also performed great in track racing as well by conquering the mountainous roads of Pikes Peak and setting a new EV lap record at Laguna Seca.

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Video: Marques Brownlee admitting Tesla Model S Plaid is the best piece of tech has ever reviewed (video starts at teh question).



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