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Tesla Model S and Model X Plaid deliveries to Europe to start in November


It has been almost 2 years since Tesla launched the design-refresh Tesla Model S and Model X in the United States. Both of these higher-end Tesla EVs have a top variant called the Plaid which delivers maximum performance.

Tesla Model S Plaid has been on the more popular side due to its acceleration figures and pinning down ICE competitors in drag racing competitions. The automaker prioritized the new Model S deliveries over Model X due to increased demand.

Tesla customers who reserved the new design-refresh Model S and Model X have been patiently waiting over this period to get their cars delivered.

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But now the time has come close as many Model S Plaid reservation holders report that Tesla has contacted them to ask if they are ready to accept deliveries in late November or early December 2022.

Many Paid reservation holders from across Europe have shared on social media and TFF Forums that Tesla has reached out to them for their Model S Plaid deliveries.

Orders placed around the launch of the design refresh Tesla Model S Plaid in Jan 2021 are getting their vehicles delivered first toward the end of November and in December. Customers who placed their orders in later months like the one reported from June 2021 are going to get deliveries next year (2023).

Tesla’s online car configurator for European countries is also showing the estimated delivery date for Model S Plaid as Dec 2022 to Feb 2023. The lower-end Model S AWD is not yet available in Europe. The option to order the Model S AWD is disabled in the Tesla online configurator.

Tesla Model S Plaid estimated delivery date is from December 2022 to February 2023.

Currently, Tesla’s Fremont factory in California is the automaker’s only manufacturing plant where Tesla Model S and Model X are being produced. The rest of the Gigafactories only produce Tesla Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles. So, the Tesla Fremont car factory has to produce all the Model S and Model X vehicles to satisfy global demand.

A flyby drone video of the Tesla Fremont factory from the first week of this month shows that the plant was not much busy with vehicle production deliveries compared to usual activity. This was perhaps scheduled maintenance or upgrade time at Tesla Fremont.

However, Tesla Model S Plaid deliveries to Europe will increase Model S/X vehicle delivery numbers for Q4 2022 compared to Q3 2022. The impact of this will be higher gross margins gained on vehicle sales in Q4 2022 as well.

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