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Tesla Model Y in Quicksilver color goes on display at Auto Zurich 2022


Tesla invites the world to see its new Quicksilver color by displaying a Giga Berlin-made Tesla Model Y in this premium paint option at the Auto Zurich 2022 car show in Switzerland.

YouTube channel Vision E Drive covered this event and was kind enough to let us post these pictures on our website.

Historically, finding Tesla at an auto show is an unusual sight. The US-based automaker has a history of not wanting to or feeling the need to go to auto shows in the past. Basically because of having more demand for its electric cars than the company was able to produce.

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Tesla Model Y in Quicksilver color standing at the Tesla Booth at the Auto Zurich 2022 car show in Switzerland. Credit: Vision E Drive / Twitter (posted with express permission).

But this time Tesla has broken its tradition, the reason might be to give potential European customers a real look and feel of the new Quicksilver color of the Model Y electric SUV. However, Tesla has a Model 3 Performance and Model X on display at Auto Zurich 2022 as well.

So, the story of the new Quicksilver color is that Tesla was preparing two new colors to be launched at Giga Berlin’s most advanced paint shop. No one exactly knew which colors these were until Tesla announced the availability of Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red last month. These new colors are currently only available in Europe and the Middle East.

Tesla’s Quicksilver color is only available for Tesla Model Y Performance and Long Range AWD variants ade at the electric automaker’s Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg.

Interestingly, as we can see in the pictures above and below, Tesla has put Model Y in Quicksilver and Model 3 Performance in Midnight Silver Metallic (gray) side-by-side.

After the launch of the new colors, Tesla swiftly offered a free color upgrade from Midnight Silver Metallic to Quicksilver to its Model Y AWD and Performance customers whose cars had yet to hit production.

Tesla Model 3 Performance in Midnight Silver Metallic color (front) and Tesla Model Y AWD in Quicksilver color (back) on side-by-side display at Auto Zurich 2022 car show. Credit: Vision E Drive / Twitter.
Video: First look at the new Tesla Model Y in Quicksilver color at Auto Zurich 2022 (commentary in German language).

An important thing to note in this Quicksilver Tesla Model Y is the absence of ultrasonic sensors on the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle.

Tesla removed ultrasonics from all vehicles in production since the start of October 2022 in the U.S. and China. But looking at this new Model Y, it is confirmed that Tesla has removed ultrasonic sensors from vehicles produced in Giga Berlin as well.

This new Giga Berlin-made Model Y also has the new and upgraded 5 Megapixel cameras instead of the previous 1.2 MP ones. We can see a comparison of the cameras in the following video of a detailed walkthrough from Auto Zurich 2022. Luckily, the commentary in this video is in English by Josip Ricov.

Auto Zurich 2022 is taking place from 10th November to 13th November. So, if you can reach the show there’s still plenty of time left to see the new Quicksilver Tesla Model Y.

Personally, I like Quicksilver more than Cherry Red. What is your choice going to be if you had the option? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Video: A detailed walkthrough of the Giga Berlin-made 2022-23 Tesla Model Y Performance in Quicksilver color.

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