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Watch 50+ Tesla cars perform the New Year’s Light Show in sync


Tesla owners around the world celebrated the Holiday Season with their cars which received new features and improvements via an OTA software update in December.

One of these features was the new Light Show orchestra that allows scheduling in advance — a dancing light show in a Tesla car. Multiple groups of Tesla owners gathered around the world to enjoy this light show around the globe.

A couple of days before the new year 2023 started, Tesla rolled out a new version of this light show called the New Year’s Light Show. Tesla owners were asked to schedule this light show 10 minutes before midnight to start as the new year starts.

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To celebrate the new year 2023, more than 50 Tesla owners from Hungary gathered at a site and scheduled the New Year’s Light Show on their cars to be played in sync. Tesla vehicles blink all the lights in sync with the music to create a light show as we can witness in the following videos.


In the same spirit, Tesla owners from other parts of the world also organized similar New Year’s Light Shows. Tesla owners from freezing Alaska also gathered to enjoy this light show and posted the video on Twitter.

Similarly, the Maryland Tesla Owners Club organized an event on New Year’s eve to savor the combined Light Show in 35+ Tesla cars. 1 Model S, 16 Model 3, 4 Model X, and 13 Model Ys were synched together to perform this Tesla Light Show.

Video: 35 Tesla cars perform the 2023 New Year’s Light Show in Maryland.

This is one of the distinctions between traditional automakers and Tesla. Tesla’s customers enjoy upgrades and new infotainment features free of charge from time to time via over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

What’s the best feature that you like in your Tesla, let us know in the comments section below.

Tesla owners from Finland celebrate New Year 2023 with the Tesla Light Show Orchestra on 29 cars.

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