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Tesla Semi 750 kW dedicated charging station, charge port, and connector, spotted in new pictures from the Frito-Lay parking lot


In new pictures and videos released by MotorTrend, for the 1st time, we can witness the Tesla Semi charge port and its connector. These pictures are taken at Frito-Lay’s dedicated Tesla Semi parking lot at the company’s warehouse in Modesto, California.

This Frito-Lay parking lot also acts as a private Tesla Semi charging station. According to MotorTrend, these Megachargers have a max charging capacity of 750 kW. So, these 1st-gen Megachargers are 3X faster compared to the 250 kW V3 Tesla Superchargers.

To handle the load of 750 kW electric power, Tesla has designed a different charge port and connector for the Tesla Semi truck. The following closeup pictures posted by an Instagram user show the pictures of the Tesla Semi charger connector and the port design (click the left/right arrow on the slideshow to view pictures).

Frito-Lay’s Tesla Semi truck colored in Cheetos/Frito-Lay branding that PepsiCo is using for logistics in the United States. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. / TSLA Q4 2022 financial update.

Interestingly, when Tesla handed over the first production Semi trucks to PepsiCo (parent company of Frito-Lay) last year, most of the media and critics thought it was just a few trucks. But by looking at the Frito-Lay parking lot, it seems like there are several trucks at Frito-Lay alone and the PepsiCo trucks are separate (both colored in their respective brand colors of yellow and blue).

We have already seen and covered the Tesla Semi interior in detail previously but the charging specs and the charge port design were still not very clearly showcased by Tesla.

Although the design has been revealed in these new pictures, Tesla does not seem to have given this specific charge port design a name. Last year, Tesla made its Supercharger port and connector design public and named it the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

However, Tesla needed a high-power charging system for the Tesla Semi which has a battery pack of 1 MW which roughly equals to around 10 Tesla Model S Plaid battery packs.

Tesla built the first Megacharger station at Giga Nevada 2021. where the automaker started pilot production of the Tesla Semi last year. Tesla now has huge expansion plans to start mass production of its class-8 electric Semi-truck.

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