Lone Tesla owner returns to a blocked Supercharger by bikers as he gets back to his car after a charging break



A prominent Tesla Community member and Model 3 owner Frunker (@MFrunker / Twitter) parked his car at a Supercharger station in the United States earlier today.

Nothing weird in that but as he returned to his car after a short break he found that the Supercharger station was swarming with a group of bikers.

“I was the only car at the supercharger. I went and got food came back to this,” Frunker stated on Twitter while sharing the following photo of the Supercharger as he returned.

A gang of bikers swarms the Tesla Supercharger station as the lone Tesla Model 3 owner returns to his car after a charging break.
A gang of bikers swarms the Tesla Supercharger station as the lone Tesla Model 3 owner returns to his car after a charging break. Credit: @MFrunker / Twitter. Tap / Click the image to load the HD version.
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The Twitter profile of this Tesla owner suggests that he originaly belongs to Canada where apparently this situation could be a strange sight. But he was not actually in his native country but traveling in the United States.

Fortunately, the Tesla Model 3 owner drove off the scene safely as the charging was also complete as he returned to his car, he confirmed in a later tweet.

Frunker most probably didn’t engage in any conversation with the ICE bikers at the Supercharger location, so therefore there is no information available about the bikers’ intentions.

Being alone in such a situation with a precious Tesla car is a scary scene to imagine. However, this Tesla owner did not report any damage or vandalism to his vehicle which is a bit heartening.

A bike parked so close to the Tesla Model 3 passenger door ended up blocking it.
A bike parked so close to the Tesla Model 3 passenger door ended up blocking it — most probably it was done intentionally. Credit: @MFrunker / Twitter.

In the past, we have seen large internal combustion engine pickup trucks blocking Supercharger stations. A phenomenon which is known as ICE-ing. But bikers blocking a Tesla Supercharger has come to our sight for the first time.

Back in 2019, we reported a Ford Mustang got towed and ticketed for blocking a Tesla charger in Walnut Creek, California. But I guess it was a rare incident that a cop took such action for ICE-ing behavior.

Frunker did not disclose the exact location of this Supercharger station.

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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  1. It happens. It’s happened to me both with trucks towing trailers and cars doing it as well. They see “available parking spaces”, that’s it. We can ascribe malice as EV owners to otherwise innocent people, but it does neither party any good. ICE owners simply don’t understand EV charging etiquette. As long as there are chargers available for myself and/or others, I don’t have an issue with it and have never had to ask ppl to move so I could charge. In the picture you published, I see a couple more charge stalls open. Remember way back, when we were filling up our cars with gas? Sometimes waiting in line for a pump because the people were too stupid to move out of the way after filling up and went into the gas station leaving their car just parked at the gas pump? A lot of people just live in their own world, and never bother to consider anybody else. And why did Tesla even have to institute $ charges for TESLA drivers leaving their cars parked long after their charging session was done? A bit of tolerance and some amiable conversations will go a long way to making sure us EV owners aren’t inconvenienced. Stay Tesla strong, but just maybe give some folks a benefit of the doubt once in a while… 🙂

    • I agree. It feels like a lot of stereotyping going on here. To me, it looks like the bikers were meeting up to begin a group ride and are probably thinking that they parked out of the way since the entire supercharger site was empty. They didn’t leave their bikes as they were probably just waiting on the rest of their group to arrive so they could go on their and probably would have taken the initiative to move out of the way if more EVs arrived to charge.

      • Agreed. Trying to make it seem like a “dangerous” situation when it was just a meet up for a ride. And they really didn’t “ice” the chargers as you can see them all standing around. If a car would have come I am sure they would have moved. Imagine how those bikers bust feel when they get on the road and are ” surrounded by cars”. Scary I am guessing

    • Anyone happen to remember that scene out in front of the bar from the movie “Wild Hogs” with John Travolta?

      Point being, people trying to intimidate others or trying to act like tough guys just never know who they might me messing with…(Especially these days)! Best we leave each other alone and just go through our daily lives without trying to prove points, send messages or generally put oneself in a situation one might regret.

      I’m not a big fan of electric cars, but I was “Tesla guy” and that situation in anyway endangered my car, myself or my family….I would ended the threat immediately and would have been well within my legal authority to end the threat, having full video of everything.

      Hopefully people learn to keep to themselves, treat others with respect and their day will always end happily and safely.

      • I’m a guy who rides motorcycles, and I don’t presently own an electric vehicle.

        The photo looks like a group of people who enjoy riding motorcycles took and brief rest stop when they came upon a convenient location.

        I doubt they cared that the location was a charging station, it was just a convenient open spot to stop and rest briefly.

        I doubt they intended to cause anyone inconvenience, and it’s apparent on the photo that there were open charging spaces.

        Most people who ride motorcycles don’t care if you drive a Tesla or any electric vehicle and we don’t go around harassing people.

        We’re just ordinary folks who happen to enjoy riding motorcycles.

        • That was my take. The bikers I know are stand up guys. True they won’t tolerate any B.S. Which is actually a good thing. They often police themselves as well. Hollywood has done bikers a disservice.

        • Agreed….bikers are usually very cool and could absolutely give a damn about cars or “electric cars”. These guys are taking a break on a ride.

        • If you believe that, I have some swamp land in FL to sell you.
          I have a bumper sticker on my truck that says;
          “Motorcycles. Watch out for me.”

          • Sounds like you need 2 things. A safe place and change your name to the intimated.

            Have you ever talked with a bunch of bikers. I take my kids over with me check out the bikes talk to the guys and gals. Always a good experience.
            Like cops it only takes one bad experience to ruin it for the rest of them.

        • A LOT of people misjudge bikers like we came from space or something Bikers do not bother people. We have lives just like you. That’s why he was able to retrieve his vehicle without incident.

    • Gas stations are just that, gas stations. A lot of charging stations are in parking lots. Charging stations should not take up parking spaces.

      • What are you even talking about? I see fools park in front of gas pumps that aren’t using them. People are inconsiderate and in rude in general. They did it on purpose. Look how close that first bike is to the car. It was intentional and they’re A-holes.

      • So many excuses for doing something wrong! It’s simple to follow the rules….are you the person who parks in handicapped spots knowing you do not have a handicap tag or handicap sticker on your car? No difference in parking your non-electric vehicle at a charging station. It’s stupid! Stop making excuses for bad behavior. If have a driver’s license, you can see and read and you not in an electric vehicle don’t park in the spots. For the comment that the chargers are in parking spots…of course, they are. The parking spots are for the electric cars that are charging. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out and if you park there you the dumdass. Also, at most locations, the parking spots were not there until they built the charging station. I own an electric vehicle and will definitely speak up if I arrived at a charging station and saw non-electric vehicles blocking any of the stations. Stop talking as if doing the right thing should be an option. People on here with all kinds of excuses for why the bikers parked in front of the charging stations when the picture shows there were other spots they could have parked and if there wasn’t, the fact is that parking at the charging stations was not the answer and not ok. The problem is they parked in parking spots that are not designated for their vehicles. My statements have nothing to do with how someone looks but what is right. EXCUSES are tools of INCOMPETENCE.

        • There were plenty of parking spots available.. stop bitching about imaginary problems. And I can tell you, if by any chance the free spots got occupied and another EV arrived, the bikes would have moved. They were not inconveniencing anyone, so stop getting aggravated for nothing.

    • These chargers need to be build like gas stations, in less desirable locations out of sight.

      Stop building them in highly desirable parking location, just because someone drives ev doesn’t make them a better person that needs a front row parking everywhere they go.

      • That charger literally can’t be further away. You want em in the grass? I have NEVER used a charger anywhere near an entrance.

    • Harley Davidson has electric bikes, same with a few other makes. They’re simply watching for the future acceptance level of society.

    • Let’s turn down the paranoia. There are at least 2 unused, unblocked charging spots visible. The Tesla is not blocked in. There was no damage to the car.

      • Still, they shouldn’t block EV chargers at all. What would the bikers feel if EV’s park right gas station pumps while the biker or a fósiles fueled vehicle needs to fill it up? Equal respect and “smart” common sense is what is needed here.

        • Funny works both ways. Alot of time I have EVs blocking diesel pump at the gas station because it was closer and under cover. People in general are less considerate of each other and have that I’m special or more important than you attitude. Most of the hybrid and Tesla drive like complete a*****es in my area. I’m not scared I would of at least said Hi.

      • I’m afraid (in my experience) ‘bikers’ (as opposed to motorcyclists) *are* a*****es – generally speaking and seem to believe they have a right to treat roads as their own and have precisely zero consideration for anyone else as demonstrated by the way they ride their machines, treat each other and subject anyone with the temerity to come within 100m of them to a totally unnecessary (not to mention unlawful)

        So, as Devin Serpa says, *tow them all*!

        • Why are you generalizing? For one, they won’t be towed because they are at their bikes. They’ll just move. If you need the space, just ask. There is no other context in the image for what is around the area, you have no idea that the situation is. If someone has a vehicle in a place it shouldn’t be, and they’ve left it there, sure call a tow. But to be so judgemental because in “your experience” bikers are a**holes is ridiculous. I grew up the son of a biker and ride myself. Bikers are not all a**holes. Your hasty generalization is fallacious and immature.

    • It’s funny when overweight middle aged people dress up like pirates and ride motorcycles to sit in parking lots to talk.

      • 🤣👍 AND I’m already OVER 75 … Most of these folks actually ARE “GOOD HEARTED” & Charitable Souls. They just want to relive an adolescent dream/lifestyle they were never able to Afford at that age

      • On Oahu the bikers like to spend Sunday driving around the Island. Sound like a nice way to spend the day. They do sometimes exhibit territorial and aggressive behavior while driving but they don’t usually gather in parking lots. Instead they make frequent stops at bars. Best to stay well away from them come late afternoon.

    • I’m a biker. And I consider myself extremely courteous, friendly, I don’t ride more than five miles over the speed limit, and I am a law abiding citizen. The other bikers I know are the same way.

      Are there a lot of rude bikers? Most certainly. Most bikers are law abiding citizens that just love riding their motorcycle. For every a******e rider there’s 100 bikers that are decent people. The reason that you think we are all a******s is because the ones that are acting like that stick out in your head.

      So, take a chill pill. Please and thank you.

  2. Share the road and share the superchargers. Not this group of cowards. Do you see an electric motercycle? Nope.

    • Cowards? What makes them cowards? Why are you so aggressive. You have no idea what the context is from this image. Calm down.

    • Harley Davidson makes an electric motorcycle and it looks very similar to the ice version unless you know what to look for the general public wouldn’t have a clue

  3. Pretty much a non issue. No EVs were unable to charge, no issue with the lone EV at the charging station, no issues with the bikers themselves, and plenty of open chargers should any additional vehicles arrived. The bikers may have moved should a charger be needed. This type of illegal blockage of EV chargers needs to strongly discouraged somehow where it becomes as socially inconsiderate as blocking a gas pump, which isn’t really done. Wrong, Rude, intimidating: yes.

    • So, how do you know how many EV drivers wanted to charge there but didn’t because they saw what appears to be malicious actors? Yes, there is an issue. This is uncalled for an inexcusable. No one should be trying to downplay or minimize this public menacing.

      • Lol, these were normal parking spots first. Entitled ev drivers don’t own these spots. I see ev’s in NORMAL parking spots all the time. I love also how this “gang” is so menacing intimidating and clearly dangerous. A group of bikers isn’t always(or even often) a gang. I’m just glad this evil ev owner didn’t harm any of the bikers in their mad panic over stolen spots.

        • Um right, they don’t own those spots but they ARE leased or owned by Tesla for the use stated, hence CHARGING, not parking or loitering.. Charging Station or Gas Station, Times change, and we need them both until ICE vehicles are no more. Probably be a while.yet since they are still making them.

          • You do realize how power plants create electricity, right? Cuz the entirety of San Antonio, the 7th largest city in the United States gets our electricity from CPS Power sbd they get it by shoveling fossil fuels, coal to be specific, into massive fires. Do you think burning coal doesn’t have emissions? Just because your EV doesn’t cteate emissions doesn’t mean it doesn’t have them. Until electricity is created through 100% non-environmentally destructive reusable means, anything that requires electricity has a carbon footprint regardless. And because most means of green electricity are great on a small scale, to create the amount snd sizes needed to power large cities, the environmental impact of the surrounding ecosystems is still too great. So there’s no reason to get rid of combustion engines because we would still be burning fossil fuels to create electricity. So sorry to tell you, I dint think combustion engines will be going away in any of our lifetimes. And you guys are some major wimps, it’s a group of people, who cares how they’re dressed or the vehicle they drive. Could you profile them ust a tad more and make sure everyone knows your prejudices. Just walk up to your car and wave or say hi, you’d be surprised at the conversations that can be started in that way. To be honest I wouldn’t even know what a charging station looks like do I could have parked in front if it and nor even have known.

      • How do you know the bikers were “Malicious acting”? The Tesla owner stated he “engaged in no conversation with the bikers” and furthermore “this Tesla owner did not report any damage or vandalism to his vehicle”. The bikers was taking a break from riding a long distance and was not blocking all charging stations. I’m sure even as a EV owner on a long trip, has to get out to stretch their legs from sitting so long. As a biker myself, I have seen some violent behavior, both ways. While on a ride, for charity for children’s cancer research, my father was run off the road by a Tesla that came across 3 lanes and pinned him against the guard rail, causing him to wreck, spend weeks in the hospital, and totaled his bike. The Tesla driver drove on like nothing ever happened. There was several of us riding together and no “Malicious activity ” occurred on the bikers’ side.
        Like I stated, we were riding for charity, well over 100 of us, and made several stops throughout 2 states and over 300 miles, and never once engaged in any threatening behavior toward ANYONE! Even EV owners. Your choice to own an EV is your own, but don’t criticize us for our choice to ride bikes.


        Please watch for bikes and share the road, not all bikers are bad, and only engage ANY driver not paying attention to there surrounding, and only to make them aware that a close encounter of an accident had occurred.

        That is like a biker saying that all automobile owners are malicious. I’m sure that only a few are, but should that give bikers the right to say that ALL car owners are bad. I don’t think so, and that should go both ways.

  4. You realize they’re probably all doctors, lawyers, and pastors, right? It’s almost as rare to run into a “real” MC as it is a real navy seal.

    • By the colors, these were Pagans. No doctors, lawyers, etc. just one of the nastiest 1% MCs out there.

  5. Most bikers are normal people they just like to ride. No worries unless you do something stupid like touch thier bike or worse knock one over. Unless you’re wearing rival colors your probably pretty safe just don’t be a Jerk!!!

    • Rival colors? Your comment has mostly good intentions, but every group of motorcycle enthusiasts is not a gang. Shows like Sons of Anarchy have rotted the mind of the public.

  6. Wow those scary bikers and a precious Tesla ouch! That was not written with any snobbery or prejudice at all. I’ve met more considerate and thoughtful bike enthusiasts in this world than any Tesla owner ever. They may have done something inconsiderate by parking there but save the snooty elitist comments.

  7. Most bikers are normal people they just like to ride. No worries unless you do something stupid like touch thier bike or worse knock one over. Unless you’re wearing rival colors your probably pretty safe just don’t be a Jerk!!!

  8. I still see open charger spots, what’s the problem? Maybe it was the only safe place and out of the way they could park?

  9. A diesel truck parked sideways in front of the chargers in Tillamook, Oregon. A real jerk. But little did he know some Tesla owners are jerks too. Let the air out of two of his tires. I’m guessing he didn’t think it was so funny after that.

    • Keep a jar of peanut butter handy.
      A little on the front window with a message is a harmless and friendly reminder.

  10. This happens alot in the US any state with a large contingency of motorcyclists, some bikers are required by unwritten law to play cute, & do some rebellious BS to stoke their already diminished ego for that one extra day of not being a stain smeared down the streets, just to let everyone know including Tesla drivers that they are not to be messed with, said human, with the opposable thumbs that could ride a motorcycle, possibly carrying a weapon hopefully for intimidation, but thats it, whats intelligence, other than a long word?

    Hey, I think America, as a whole, could do way better as a society with a lot less cars, like less than half. At least this guy could charge, & hopefully the cameras recorded them pulling up, but the US needs to do better, & this proves it, especially if bike clubs don’t do this in canada. Also a other reason wht America as a whole needs high-speed rail like or better than Europe, which without it is a drag on the economy, society/culture & environment. Other than that it would be cool of Tesla to make a cruiser motorcycle, & the bikes should be ticketed, &/or towed.

    • You have no context for the image. You are playing into the drama of the framing made by the author of the article. And you are ranting in generalizations about an entire country to try to support your point. What are you doing?

  11. It’s a sad day. When a scared Tesla owner things he is going to get his ass kicked by some rider’s. How stupid. I ride with the Patriot guard, if it’s a long ride and we have to take a break we find a place we’re we all can pull over.
    I don’t give a rats ass about your electric car. You mess with my bike.
    Your going to be walking home.
    Some people read into things we’re there is nothing going on. Just chill out
    And in Joy the journey. Peace out

  12. The location of that supercharger is Princeton, West Virginia. Last time I was there, a number of big diesel trucks liked to revv up and run along the area in front of the chargers.

  13. I can’t believe the whining about this. The bikes needed a place to stop most likely. The Tesla driver had access to a charger, they were not all blocked. What the hell is all the bitching about??

    • Thank you!!! My view exactly. I’m stuck on the commment that used the word “malicious” when did stopping become malicious i would love to know

  14. Meh. There are several chargers open and the Tesla owner wasn’t impeded at all.
    Just relax…

    • I don’t think he was worried about charging.

      He was worried about vandalism and possible assault.

      Bikers may be innocent and friendly, but that isn’t the reputation they have.

  15. Afraid of people because they ride motorcycles? 🤦‍♂️ Try talking to them next time and get over your irrational fear. 🙄

    When I was a kid riding a POS Suzuki motorcycle it broke down and some bikers from the Milwaukee outlaw motorcycle club stopped. First they made fun of my rice grinder, laughed and then proceeded to help!
    Don’t judge bikers by their cover.

  16. Amazing how many of you are so quick to judge others by their looks alone…..Isn’t that what most of you probably rally against if someone’s skin color is different?

    These riders didn’t block anyone from all the chargers. They are clearly just waiting, or maybe taking a restroom break. They didn’t damage anything, they didn’t start any fights. People are way to scared of everything, and look so hard to try to find something to be offended by.


  17. “Precious Tesla”? We thought BMW owners were a******s, Tesla owners are like “Hold my beer!”

  18. I’m not a biker, nor do I own a Tesla. The picture shows the motorcycle club gathering away from the Tesla. A few of the bikes are near the car, but all are on one side. Nothing looks threatening about the situation. The picture is too grainy to make out the club’s name on the back of the member’s jackets. In the US, motorcycle clubs are fairly popular and a very small percentage are criminals. If these guys are “up to no good” then there is no indication from the photo.

  19. Does it say free parking for anyone or does it say it is for EV charging only? Learn how to read Mr./ Mrs. Biker. And if another Tesla owner shows up to charge, are they supposed to ask the nice bikes to move? Why should they have to? Because these morons are parked in the EV charging spaces. Please stop defending these clowns 🤡

    • I’ve had a Harley as long as I can remember. Rode with lots of people, most good some not so good. Would I have parked in a bunch of EV parking spots, we’ll that would depend on how quickly the stop would be and lack of someplace else to stop. In any case when you choose to block an EV charging space you are taking the first step to confrontation. Bottom line it’s not for any vehicle but an EV. Stop somewhere else, an RV owner shouldn’t have to ask you to move so he can charge, no matter how many spots are open.

  20. Sounds like a great opportunity to play dominos with a line of bikes. There are signs posted at every charging station stating they are only to be used by EV’s. These guys are tying to mark their territory. I would politely ask that they remove their bike from the parking space. If they didn’t, and started threatening me, then I would politely move their bike for them.

  21. Riding since ’56, Puch 250 from Allstate. British iron up to Vincent Lightning in San Francisco, then BMW R69S Alaska to Mexico, always with full mufflers, across USA damn near every road, finished with Flying Brick in 2022. Yes, I’m 82. Did all my own work, and tried to be polite to everyone, but it doesn’t work out always. All it takes is one psychopath on a bad trip to start the stomping. Kinda like MAGA types, always looking for a slight. Bikers in gangs are best avoided, never confronted.
    The Vincent terrified them, 150+ mph. Nothing today, but Harleys ain’t fast, don’t corner, ain’t reliable or have any range. The Tesla driver was wisely cautious.

  22. MC profiling is illegal in many states and there is a reason for that.

    Ewww, bikers, my life is in danger. They’re wearing colors. Must be Hell’s Angels or Pagens. Get real. Real life is not Sons of Anarchy.

    I belong to a MC club and we wear colors. I guess the doctors and lawyers and upper and middle class members are going to kill you if you talk to them.

    True, not all clubs are alike. There is a code of ethics and the colors are defined by strict rules visible in the colors they wear. Google it. If you see a white square that has “MC” or a white diamond apart from the rest of the emblems, they are a Serious motorcycle club. But kill you or beat you up? Not likely, unless you’re an ass towards them.

    OMG (outlaw motorcycle gangs) are called 1% ‘ers. You know 1% out of 100%

    Most clubs are friendly and most are just riding groups. Don’t be a jerk! Talk to them. Just like anything else don’t be a jerk or a Karen and you will be met with smiles.

    Bikers raise more money for charities than almost any other groups. Go over and speak to a member and admire that very expensive piece of chrome and steel. Typical Harley cost is $18k-$32k or more depending on model and level of customization. You know the type of money that riff-raff criminals usually spend on a non-primary use vehicle.

    If you bother to look you will see that no two Harley’s look alike. Think about that for a moment. The cost, commitment and personality involved in that, especially think about it longer than the Tesla driver.

    Bikers are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

  23. I’ve been a biker for many years and have never been a huge EV fan. However, I have always been a big fan of civility and etiquette.
    One member made a generalization that from yhe photp that all bikers are A******
    I believe there’s a little more to read into this picture. It’s quite easy to park 4 motorcycles in one parking space if they want to.
    To me it shows a lot of disrespect.

  24. I’ve asked a bike or car/truck to move and had no issues, or I just wait near the station and the “offending” driver quickly moves his vehicle. I also have drivers/riders asking numerous questions about my car. I think ICE-ing is more about not knowing protocol vs malicious intent.

  25. I do not understand how anyone thinks it’s OK to park where they are not supposed to. I do not judge people by how they look, I couldn’t care less. Gas stations are private property. Tesla pays the gas station to lease their property.
    It is no longer safe to assume that you can safely walk up to strangers. There have been enough irrational shootings of late wherein I would definitely think twice before I walk up to anyone I don’t know with a request. It does not appear he is blocked in, but that does not justify the group parking where they are not supposed to.

  26. After a bit of searching I found that this charging station is at a BP gas station. I bet they just pulled of for a quick restroom and snack break and those were spots that didn’t block the main traffic flow.

    I also bet that if someone pulled up needing to charge and just said, “Hey, would there be any chance you could let me in to charge my car?” they would be happy to let them in. Showing respect often gets respect.

  27. And as we move forward into a modern day, society of technically Advanced, EV market not only Tesla but Ford Mustang, and Ford trucks and dozens of other Evs are starting to hit the market, especially in 2023 and 2024 and beyond and in doing so anyone And I mean anyone caught blocking a charging station which is not an electric vehicle that is being charged at the EV station should get a ticket of $500 similar to parking illegally in a handicap zone and they should be towed that way they will have to pay the towing fee The $500 fee ticket and any other tickets that may arise from it registration inspection, broken lights, so they may wind up with multiple tickets. If you were driving a gas-powered vehicle you have no business parking in a charging station and I’m sure that they were assigned to post stipulating this , also the pavement or blacktop or concrete should be marked and outlined as such similar to handicap parking it will be a long time before old gas-powered vehicles will be obsolete or even illegal to own in the future similar to a movie that I saw with Lee Majors when he was driving this big Formula One vehicle, and it was illegal to Own operate and drive a gas-powered vehicle and they were chasing him and trying to shoot him and an airplane was trying to shoot him and because it was illegal so they were going after not so much the driver but the car they wanted to destroy the gas-powered vehicle, which was deemed illegal in the future because fossil fuels were not readily available for the planet had run dry there were still some oil left. Don’t get me wrong but to the point where you couldn’t have gas-powered vehicles all the cars were electric in the future anyway, they have it.

  28. People are totally overreacting! This BP station is a convenient store. Bikers meet at Maveriks and other stations to gas up, use the barhroom, and move out of the way all the time. The car is not blocked in. There are open stalls. Bikers rarely spend much time just waiting around. In a big biker group it is hard to find places to stop that are safe. This is all about perception without the full story. You be polite to bikers, and they will give that respect back.
    I don’t see anything that is even wrong with this picture. If 20 Tesla cars showed up, they would have likely moved on to their riding destination. This is someone trying to make something out of nothing. Move on. Nothing happened.

  29. One reason for them to park there is to be visible from the street so any stragglers can easily see them and, join with the group again. Most will gladly move if asked. I can’t observe conditions in the rest of the lot and can say that parking a motorcycle in the middle of the roadway is not an option, due to the maneuvering necessary in order to charge an EV, (being an owner of both). From what I can see they don’t present a problem and will leave soon, so please chill. Thank you

  30. I rode a bike once. A trike when I was three.
    A bike when I was five. Used one for something productive (a paper route) when I was in my teens. Then I grew up and matured beyond my adolescent fantasies.
    I do ride for exercise and I don’t park in other people’s driveways.

  31. Looks like there were plenty of chargers. Those don’t look like any 1%ers I know, so likely just a friendly MC. You are obviously a overly dramatic person that has serious prejudice issues (meaning pre judging) that make you feel both superior to and scared of them. So what actually happened? Nothing? You just got butthurt that bikers parked in open unused spaces and ??????

    Good story bro. Glad they let you live! You are so lucky. Wow. Motorcycles parked kind of near you (not swarming btw). Get a picture. Call the news!

  32. Good lord. The people who feel upset about motorcyclists sitting in a parking lot seem like a bunch of pansies. If they were really swarming an area l, which they were not, then just be a man and go over and introduce yourself by saying something like, “Hi, my name is xxxxxxx.” Then talk like a person for a few seconds, be genuinely interested in what the other person is saying, and then walk over to your car, get in, and leave. Hell, you might even make a friend.

  33. I wonder if Tesla drivers know everyone makes fun of them. Also who cares if they park in the same parking lot as you big deal

  34. I bet if another EV pulled up a few would have opened up a spot for them they probably didn’t mean to block ALL the free charging spots. If they didn’t do anything or try anything I seriously doubt it was malicious.

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In a short but assorted list of celebrities who bought the Tesla Cybertruck, we have one more new entry....

Quicksilver Model Y looks amazing in person, deliveries spotted in California along with Cybertrucks

Tesla (TSLA) began deliveries of the newly-introduced Quicksilver color for the Model Y in the United States earlier this...

Tesla appoints new head of the 4680 cell manufacturing, starts rehiring Supercharger team

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) is starting to reshape itself in the human resources department at the company. After an aggressive...
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Starship updates: New Flight 4 schedule, watch full stack test, developments at Starbase, more

SpaceX's orbital launch site in Starbase, Texas had a tough work routine this past week with multiple operations going...

SpaceX readies Flight 5 Starship with a static fire test ahead of Flight 4, Starbase updates

Elon Musk's SpaceX is preparing multiple Starships simultaneously for the upcoming orbital flight tests. Yesterday, SpaceX conducted a static fire...

Flight 4 Starship goes through 2nd static fire test, OLM gets repairs at Starbase, more

SpaceX conducted the 1st static fire test on Starship 29 (Ship 29) on Monday in preparation for the next...

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