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Cybertruck interior with redesigned yoke steering seen in new pics from the Tesla Shareholder Meeting event


Tesla gave the Cybertruck a prominent display location outside its Texas HQ at the 2023 Shareholder Meeting. However, the visitors and journalists were not allowed to open the doors or film the interior of the unorthodox electric pickup truck.

In our report from that day, we covered a good number of exterior pics of the Cybertruck but there were no interior images available.

Suddenly a few pictures of the Cybertruck interior from the Shareholder Meeting popped up on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum Yesterday. Interestingly, these photos showed an altered and enhanced version of the Cybertruck steering wheel.

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The redesigned Cybertruck steering wheel is an enhanced version of the Yoke steering that Tesla showed in its promotional images. The earlier design of the Cybertruck prototype yoke slightly differed from the Model S/X yoke that was introduced with the design-refreshed versions of these vehicles. This was due to the hexagonal elements that helped the interior flow with the rest of Cybertruck’s design.

Despite Elon Musk’s hard stance on not reversing the yoke on Model S/X, its unpopularity among a variety of customer base pushed Tesla to bring the round steering wheel back. Yoke is now optional on both the new Model S and Model X vehicles at the time of purchase.

Most probably, learning from the past experience with the yoke, Tesla redesigned the Cybertruck steering wheel. In the latest Cybertruck interior pictures (below), Tesla has modified the yoke to a full steering instead of just the lower half.

The new Cybertruck steering goes with the rest of the truck’s design language, hence, has more edges and a squarish shape. We cannot call it a round steering wheel at all.

Tesla Cybertruck interior from the driver’s POV (cyber steering, dashboard, center console, and the center touchscreen are clearly visible). Credit: Unknown via Weibo /

Tesla designed the yoke to provide clear visibility of the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. But the Cybertruck like the Model 3 and Model Y does not have an instrument cluster. So, a full-sized circular steering wheel makes complete sense. It also provides a better driving experience.

The driver’s point-of-view (POV) in the above picture also shows us the huge and expansive Cybertruck dashboard. Because of the rectangular shape of the windshield, it looks like the dashboard has expanded halfway to the frunk.

Cybertruck also has a super-large center console and storage area. This area used to be a middle seat (driver + 2 front passengers) in early prototypes. But in later Cybertruck prototype revisions, Tesla decided to get rid of the middle seat.

According to Elon Musk, the current Cybertrucks being tested and displayed are ‘alpha prototypes’. These are the ones that are closest-to-production prototypes yet.

A glimpse of the Cybertruck front seat, steering wheel, dashboard , and the interior from the 2023 Tesla Shareholder Meeting. Credit: Unknown via Weibo /

These Cybertruck interior pics seem to have appeared on the Chinese social media platform Weibo first as suggested by the watermarks on them. But later on were posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum.

Elon Musk confirmed at the Shareholder Meeeting that a Cybertruck delivery event will be held this year. Taking this timeline into account, we’re most probably looking at the almost final Cybertruck interior in these photos.

So, Cybertruck reservation holders with early registrations should keep their fingers crossed and align their expectations according to these images. Please let us know your thoughts int he comments section below.

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