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Tesla Cybertruck alpha prototype spotted at the Fremont factory test track in new pics and videos


New photos and videos of a Cybertruck alpha prototype surfaced online in the last few days which have created more excitement and anticipation among the reservation holders.

During the Tesla (TSLA) Q1 2023 Earnings Call, Elon Musk said that the automaker continues to produce alpha versions of the Cybertruck for testing purposes. These alpha Cybertruck prototypes are manufactured at the pilot production plant at Giga Texas.

While these alpha prototypes are made at Giga Texas, Tesla often takes them to the Fremont car factory for various testing purposes. This time the truck was also spotted at the Fremont factory test track.

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Tesla Cybertruck front fascia as the alpha prototype of the electric pickup truck was spotted at the automaker’s Fremont factory test track area. Credit: @rickster902 / Cybertruck Owners Club.

We can witness the giant windshield wiper of the Cybertruck. Tesla decided to use a single wiper to clean the Cybertruck windshield. Some people in the Tesla community refer to it as the Cyberwiper as well.

The front fascia in this picture is clear, the DRLs and turn signals are now located between the frunk (front trunk) and the bumper. This is a slight change from the earliest prototype that Tesla showed at the unveiling and in promotional pictures.

Front fascia comparison of the Cybertruck alpha prototype vs. the early prototype seen in Tesla’s promotional content. Credit: @rickster902 / Cybertruck Owners Club, Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. Thanks to Earl of Frunkpuppy / Twitter for the hat tip.
Video: Cybertruck running on Tesla Fremont factory’s test track for evaluation and calibration testing. Credit: @rickster902 / Cybertruck Owners Club.

In another shot of the Cybertruck alpha version, we can see the entire side profile of the vehicle clearly.

The change from the early prototypes is the addition of the side view mirrors which most probably will make it to production as well. In the past, Elon Musk confirmed that the Cybertruck side mirrors are just there for regulatory compliance and are easily removable.

Side profile of the Tesla Cybertruck spotted during testing at the automaker’s Fremont car factory. Credit: @rickster902 / Cybertruck Owners Club.

A short video of the interior of the Cybertruck has also made it to Twitter. The camera enters the vehicle and shows us the seats and more importantly a view of the large glass roof as well.

Tesla Cybertruck had 3 seats in the front row on the early prototypes but the automaker removed the center seat later on. Tesla has now replaced this seat with a huge center console and storage area. Some pictures of the redesigned Cybertruck interior can be seen when Elon Musk visited Giga Texas in April 2021.

The 2nd row also has 3 seats with a great view of the sky through the expansive glass roof.

The design of the dashboard, center touchscreen display, and steering wheel remain the same as seen during the test drives at the unveiling event.

Note: This interior video is possibly of an old Cybertruck prototype, not the latest Alpha one. Article updated for removal of the middle 3rd front row seat.
Tesla Cybertruck interior (yoke steering, screen, dash, center console, and front seats). The center 3rd seat in the front row is replaced by a huge center console and storage area. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla’s Elon Musk believes that the Cybertruck is such a different vehicle and unlike any other car ever made that it’s worthy to be inducted into the Hall of Fame of the auto industry.

With more than 1 million+ reservations at hand, Tesla needs to accelerate the start of production which the automaker intends to start this year.

“As with all new products, it will follow an S curve, you know production starts slow and then accelerates, so, the Cybertruck’s no different,” Musk said during his opening remarks of the Q1 2023 Tesla Earnings Call.

“As with all new products, it takes time to get the manufacturing line going and this really is a radical product,” Elon Musk said. “It’s not made in the way that other cars are made,” he added.

Because of the unique low-poly design with a lot of corners and a body shell made of 30X cold-rolled stainless steel, the Cybertruck needed a different production method.

Tesla has acquired custom-made 9,000-ton Giga Press machines from IDRA for Cybertruck production. So, the Cybertruck production line is not going to look like any other vehicle — not even like another Tesla.

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