All the Tesla Cybertruck features you want to know (videos, pics, details)



Tesla (TSLA) released a short video earlier this week. This is the shortest presentation of the Cybertruck that illustrates its features in less than 60 seconds (watch below).

Some of these Cybertruck features are already in the spotlight, but some did not get as much attention. For example, the toughness and strength of the Cybertruck are very popular but its storage capabilities aren’t much discussed yet.

Tesla is still delivering the Foundation Series Cybertruck units. Foundation Series are the first 1,000 Cybertrucks produced at Giga Texas. As of this writing, early reservation holders are reporting getting invited to configure their Cybertrucks via email. This suggests that Tesla has not yet crossed the 1,000 Cybertruck production mark.

Let’s explore the Cybertruck features one by one. Some of them need details and a few are self-explanatory, so let’s dive in.

Tesla Cybertruck with camping gear and a boat tied to its roof.
Tesla Cybertruck with camping gear and a boat tied to its roof. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA).
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Cybertruck Features

Stainless Steel Superalloy

An ultra-hard stainless-steel exoskeleton helps to reduce dents, damage and long-term corrosion. Repairs are simple and quick.

Hitting a Tesla Cybertruck stainless steel body with a sledgehammer.
Hitting a Tesla Cybertruck stainless steel body with a sledgehammer. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA).

One of Tesla’s goals in building a futuristic electric pickup truck was to make it very tough and rugged. The automaker achieved this by creating a new stainless steel alloy to meet the requirements.

Cybertruck’s stainless steel alloy is inspired by the alloy used for SpaceX’s Starship. The automaker has made the Cybertruck body so hard that it can withstand 9mm Tommy gun bullets.

In a Top Gear episode, Tesla’s VP of Engineering Lars Moravy explained the entire story of how Elon Musk’s team invented the Cybertruck stainless steel superalloy, he said:

It started with we had aluminum concepts, we had steel concepts, but you know Elon had been working with stainless on the Starship program.

And obviously, we share our materials leader between SpaceX and Tesla and so, I think he fell in love with the fact that it is stronger and more durable and more dent resistant and more scratch resistant.

And the actual stainless steel that we use, we call it HFS (hard freaking stainless). But it’s a special grade because when you get into the details of it, it’s not as simple as just saying, okay I’m going to get this super hard stainless, because stainless is not stain proof, it does corrode over time.

So, we had to add various elements to the mix to make it corrosion resistant and you know also get that full hardness and then also have just enough ductility that when we bend it we didn’t get like orange peel cracking.

Turns out it’s really hard to bend, full hard stainless steel, so we actually had to invent how to bend it. It’s actually a process called air bending.

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Video: Lars Moravy explains the Cybertruck stainless steel body on Top Gear.

Hidden Gear Locker

Interestingly, Tesla’s Cybertruck has a hidden storage vault under its bed. The official Tesla video shows that this vault can be accessed by lifting the bed floor from the middle.

Tesla probably came up with a hidden gear locker idea to counter Rivian R1T pickup truck’s innovative Gear Tunnel.

So, the Cybertruck has 3 storage spaces, the bed, the front trunk (frunk), and the hidden gear locker.

Hidden Gear Locker of the Tesla Cybertruck located under its bed.
Hidden Gear Locker of the Tesla Cybertruck located under its bed. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA).
Tesla Accessories by EVANNEX.
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Fold-Up Second-Row Seats

Talking about cargo space, Cybertruck has even more tricks embedded in its cabin. Tesla showed how the lower part of the Cybertruck seat can be folded up to create room for bags, suitcases, and other gear.

In addition to the roof, frunk, bed, and hidden gear locker, the fold-up second-row seat is the 4th space where Cybertruck owners can store their luggage when there are no passengers on the rear seat.

Folding up the second-row seats of the Cybertruck creates ample space for storing boxes, bags, and suitcases.
Image above: Folding up the second-row seats of the Cybertruck creates ample space for storing boxes, bags, and suitcases. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA).

2,500lbs Payload and 11,000lbs Towing Capacity

Haul everything you need with 2,500 pounds payload and 11,000 pounds towing capacity—the equivalent of an average African elephant. The super-tough composite bed doesn’t need a liner and is big enough for 4’x8’ construction materials.

According to Tesla, the Cybertruck has a total lockable storage space of 67 ft3 (1,897 liters).

120 & 240-volt Power Outlets

Tesla Cybertruck possesses the largest battery pack of 123 kWh in the entire consumer vehicle line of the company (Tesla Semi is for commercial clients). This battery can provide power to other Tesla vehicles/EVs with its 3 power outlets installed into its bed’s side wall (1×240 & 2×120 volts).

We have previously covered this topic in detail. We even saw a Cybertruck charging a Tesla Model Y from this power source.

Infotainment System & New UI

Tesla Cybertruck comes with 2 touchscreen displays for in-car infotainment purposes. The front touchscreen is an 18.5″ display while the rear screen is 9.4″. The automaker has redesigned the user interface (UI) of these screens to match the Cybertruck’s angular and edgy design theme.

The sound system of the Tesla Cybertruck consists of 15 speakers and 2 subwoofers.

Screenshot of the redesigned Tesla Cybertruck center display UI showing a tunnel of triangles complimenting the vehicle's angular design.
Screenshot of the redesigned Tesla Cybertruck center display UI showing a tunnel of triangles complimenting the vehicle’s angular design. Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc. (TSLA).

Powered Front Trunk (Frunk)

The powered front trunk of the Tesla Cybertruck can be opened and closed using controls on the front touchscreen UI (see following video), from the Tesla mobile app, and a button located underneath the frunk.

Tesla Cybertruck powered frunk in action. Credit: @QuickNick__ / X (Twitter).
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0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds

Cybertruck is already conquering the drag racing circles with its insane acceleration for a large truck. Explore more in the following articles/videos.

All Glass Roof

Plenty of room for five adults, with expansive cabin views through an all-glass roof.

Accessories for Off-Roading

Accessories for Camping

Accessories for Storage

Video: Tesla Cybertruck features illustrated in less than 60 seconds.
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Iqtidar Ali
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