Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous air suspension, track mode, and more info leaked in a new video



A short video of the center screen of the upcoming Tesla Model 3 Highland Ludicrous has surfaced online. The screen shows some vital information about the anticipated performance variant of the Tesla Model 3.

In this latest leaked video (watch below), we can witness some important information enthusiasts and potential owners want to know. On the other hand, the person who leaked this information is apparently a performance vehicle testing engineer. Otherwise, who would’ve gotten his hands on a not-ye-launched Tesla car?

First of all, we can see a Ludicrous badge graphic on the main screen of the new and upcoming Model 3 performance variant. Under this badge, the odometer reads 603 km (~375 miles) which the car has been tested for. The screen also shows the VIN 5YJ3E1EB9RF731555 — which most probably is a test vehicle VIN, a factory car.

The screen showing the odometer reading in km suggests that the vehicle is located in Europe. Recently a couple of Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous were spotted in Spain, so, this might be one of those cars.

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous screen video leaks vital information about the upcoming vehicle.
Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous screen video leaks vital information about the upcoming vehicle. Credit: @Nintleee / X (Twitter).
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We reported the leaked range and 0-60 acceleration figures of the new Model 3 Highland Ludicrous in a previous post as these numbers were found in the website code. However, this new video leaks information about the driving modes of the new Ludicrous Model 3.

The driving modes and Track Mode settings can be accessed by going to Menu > Dynamics on a Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous center touchscreen display.

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous has 3 Acceleration modes, Chill, Sport, and Insane. The “Insane” mode is specific to the Ludicrous performance variant of the vehicle.

There are 2 modes of Ride & Handling: Standard and Sport. The next set of options in the Controls screen is the Track Mode which is exclusive to the top-tier Ludicrous Model 3 performance variant. Interestingly, we can see a Customize button on the side of the Track Mode which expert drivers can use to adjust the settings according to the terrain, race track, or their personal liking.

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous driving mode (Dynamics) selection screen on the vehicle's center touchscreen display.
Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous driving mode (Dynamics) selection screen on the vehicle’s center touchscreen display. Credit: @Nintleee / X (Twitter).
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Screenshot of the tweets leaking more information about the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous.
Screenshot of the tweets leaking more information about the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous. Credit: @Nintleee / X (Twitter).

As we can see from the test engineer’s tweets, although the Tesla Model 3 Highland Ludicrous has Standard and Sport mode selection, the vehicle isn’t equipped with air suspension. Air Suspension is specific to Model S and Model X Plaid vehicles and the Cybertruck as well.

@Nintlee reposted the following short video fo the Tesla Model 3 Highland Ludicrous on Reddit after Elon Musk’s social media platform X (Twitter) removed it.

Video: Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous leaked video of the center touchscreen controls and driving modes. @Nintleee / X (Twitter).
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