Tesla FSD (Supervised) v12.3.3 goes wide release, triggers debate if it’s impressive or whacky (video reviews)



The latest stable release of Tesla Full Self-Driving version 12.3.3 (firmware version 2024.3.10). Tesla is rolling it out to as many Tesla owners as possible after the announcement of a 1-month free trial for all capable cars in North America.

According to the Tesla software tracking website TeslaFi.com, FSD (Supervised) 12.3.3 (2024.3.10) is the most widely installed version on Full Self-Driving beta test vehicles. Out of a total of 19,855 contributing vehicles — 5,473 Teslas have FSD Beta 12.3.3 installed on them. This is more than 25% of the vehicles receiving the latest version.

However, many users are complaining that they did not receive the 1-month free trial of Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta (supervised). This is happening because of the firmware version mismatch. FSD (Supervised) v12.3.3 is firmware 2024.3.10 and many Tesla owners are already on a more advanced firmware for example 2024.8.7.

Until FSD firmware upgrades to the newer version or branch installed on your vehicle, the free trial option will not appear. When the free trial is available for your Tesla vehicle, an official email and Tesla mobile app notification will alert you to download and install the software.

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While many Tesla owners are in line, waiting for FSD Beta v12.3.3 on their cars, a debate on it has sparked on social media. According to the majority of experienced beta testers, FSD Beta 12.3.3 is very impressive and for some, it’s ‘whacky’.

Elon Musk’s social media platform X (Twitter) is suggesting the topic “FSD v12.3.3: Impressive or Whacky?”. This topic exploration contains a mix of posts and videos that praise the new update and also point out the problems it has.

Of course, Tesla hasn’t declared it a fully autonomous Level 5 self-driving system yet. Recently after Elon Musk’s free FSD Beta 1-month trial email, the automaker and Tesla Community have started adding the adjective “Supervised”. Tesla and the enthusiast community have removed Beta from the name and added the “Supervised” adjective to it. In short, it can also be called SFSD. This means that the human driver should stay vigilant at all times to take over (intervention/disengagement) while the car is running on Tesla Autopilot / FSD.

Removing “Beta” from the name and adding “Supervised” sounds the same to me. When the software reaches a non-beta final version, Tesla will not need to add terms to clarify who’s responsible for driving the car. However, due to its good reviews (below), the FSD (Supervised) naming convention is the new norm.

Asad Alvi, an FSD Beta tester posted his video on YouTube testing v12.3.3 yesterday. He was on a quest to find the system’s mistakes. “The only issues I noted, it crosses the solid lines and in earlier part of the video it did not stop within the block,” Asad wrote in a comment below his video.

Another FSD Beta tester attributes the new version as “Refined Driving”. Comparing FSD Beta v12 with the previous versions he said:

I think one of the best parts of version 12 is how assertive and proactive it is with the lane changes there. I can’t emphasize how dangerous it got on previous versions where it would wait until the last second to make lane changes and signaling, confusing drivers around you. None of that so far I’ve seen on version 12.

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Video: FSD Beta (Supervised) v12.3.3 getting tested and reviewed by a Tesla owner.

Another FSD Beta user shared his experience driving his Tesla vehicle on version 12.3.3 in moderate rain (watch below). He recommends not using FSD Beta in heavy rain situations. In poor weather conditions like heavy rain and snowfall, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving capability is degraded due to vision blockage and poor road grip.

Although this Tesla owner set the Full Self-Driving drive mode to “Chill”, he thinks that for bad weather conditions, Tesla should have a “Super Chill” or “Rain Mode” as well. These conditions are currently a weakness of the Tesla Autopilot FSD Beta.

Video: FSD (Supervised) v12.3.3 getting tested in the rain. We can see an icon with clouds and rain the driving visualizations showing the weather conditions.
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Another Teals owner named David Havasi received FSD Beta v12.3.3 earlier this week. According to his post on X (Twitter), he was amazed by the performance of the self-driving software on his car. He wrote in his X post:

Last night FSD v12.3.3 was downloaded to my Tesla Model 3 via an over-the-air update while it sat parked in my garage.

This morning my car drove me from my house to lunch, then to the gym, then back to my house. MY CAR DROVE ME. The only time I had to disengage FSD was when pulling into my neighborhood, my car smoothly came to a stop to let a woman cross the street who was walking her dogs but she stopped too and waived me through so I disengaged FSD and made the turn myself so she could carry on with her walk.

Then this afternoon my Tesla drove me, door-to-door, over 230 miles across the state of Florida to Miami. I repeat “My Car Drove Me to Miami”. The only time I disengaged FSD was when going through a toll section on I-75 because I wasn’t quite sure what it would do so I just took over. Besides that, It Drove Me, even through downtown Miami during rush hour. It was smooth, confident, and drama-free.

To be honest, FSD (beta) software v11, and previous versions, were quite rough/glitchy in my experience; but since Tesla has switched to end-to-end neural network training with FSD v12… It is Next Level.

David also experienced that FSD (Supervised) v12.3.3 has improved exceptionally at roundabouts. Dirty Tesla also posted the following video of the same version of Autopilot FSD (Supervised) crossing 3 roundabouts in a row without any human intervention or troubles.

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*Update: Article updated for clarity on FSD Beta and FSD (Supervised) which is the new terminology now used by Tesla (TSLA).

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