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Tesla Model 3 is the fastest-selling used car, study suggests


Tesla Model 3 is not just the best electric sedan of the world, it is also the fastest-selling used car as well, suggests a study by analyzing data from 4.8 million used and new vehicles sold from March to June 2020 in the United States.

As Tesla Model 3 tops the chart for Top 10 cars that you are able to sell as quickly as possible, its older siblings Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S secure the 6th and the 10th positions respectively — this analysis is not just limited to electric cars, it includes internal combustion and electric both segments.

Table: Tesla Model 3 is the fastest-selling used car, Model X and Model S also in the top 10. Source:

Beating the cars like Toyota Yaris & Corolla, Honda Civic & Accord etc. on this list is just plain amazing some of the listed cars have are as old as I am, some have crossed 10 and 11 generations while all the listed Tesla cars are only in their first generation and giving a tough time to established brands and models, very interesting turn of events within a few years.

An excerpt from the report talks about the position of the Tesla Model 3 in this list:

The fastest-selling used vehicle is the Tesla Model 3, which takes an average of 29.3 days to sell. “The Tesla Model 3 began making deliveries in 2018, and because it’s so new to the marketplace there is a low inventory of used versions,” said Ly. “The Tesla Model 3, which was the automaker’s least expensive vehicle, had the highest number of preorders of any car ever produced, and the long wait time  helped further drive the high demand for the vehicle which has been sustained in the secondary marketplace.”

Among the fastest-selling used SUVs, Tesla Model X scored the 2nd position with an average selling time of 47.6 days just behind BMW X6 which takes an average selling time of 43.0 days, still, a great achievement beating the likes of Honda HR-V, Toyota CH-R, Toyota Highlander, BMW X5 and all the other internal combustion engine polluters.

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