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Limited Full Self-Driving Beta (FSD Beta) is releasing next week, says Elon Musk


Tesla CEO Elon Musk just dropped the news on Twitter that Full Self-Driving will be released to a limited number of Tesla owners as soon as Tuesday next week. This will happen just 1 day before Tesla’s Q3 2020 Earnings Call on Wednesday which is not a coincidence at all (Tesla press-release).

Since Tesla has dissolved its PR department, the Tesla Community of owners and enthusiasts are the ones who will assume this responsibility. Elon Musk knows within 24 hours the feedback on the new FSD update will be circling the social media sphere.

There already exists a group of testers enrolled in the Tesla Early Access program. Elon Musk is probably pointing to a select set of individuals from this group which is identified as safe drivers after analyzing the driving data they have volunteered for the automaker.

The next major FSD feature that Tesla intends to release is the ‘Autosteer on city streets‘. This feature in my opinion has to be the toughest of them all because cities in different regions are very different from one another. Autosteer on highways was comparatively an easier task to achieve.

By using the word ‘Limited’ in the above Tweet, Elon Musk might also mean that Full Self-Driving beta will first be tested in California, the state with the most Teslas. Tesla Neural Net has learned more from California than any other region in the world, so it is best and safest to test it here, even the regulatory approvals in this regard are easier to achieve.

Full Self-Driving in Europe is a whole different story due to the regulatory approvals and regulations in different countries. Tesla Model S P100D owner Steven Peeters who recently received the HW 3.0 and MCU2 upgrade in Belgium constantly shares his thoughts and tests FSD/Autopilot on his YouTube channel, his FSD test after the 2020.40.3 firmware update can be watched below.

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Another useful feature is coming to the FSD owners is the 360° virtual reality birds-eye view rendered using 8 Tesla Autopilot cameras around the car. Elon Musk announced this feature update a few days ago on Twitter.

Tesla has decided to render the birds-eye view in vector graphics instead of raster. Since vectors are infinitely scalable in resolution, the rendered image will not look real but will require less computing power and the zoom function will work flawlessly.

Further Developments: FSD Beta price increasing by $2,000 | Watch FSD Beta in action in test-drive videos.

Video: Tesla Autopilot Improvments in 2020.40.3

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