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Tesla Semi Truck’s sound of acceleration and maneuverability are just insane (video)


The silver-colored Tesla Semi Truck in its very latest spotting was seen near the Silicon Valley-based automaker’s Fremont car production factory. While a Tesla enthusiast was filming with his mobile phone, the Tesla Semi Truck showed off its insane acceleration that makes an awesome sound.

Another thing to notice in this video is the Tesla Semi‘s maneuverability, to turn left from the intersection, it just took a small turning radius for it to take its path forward. With a full-sized trailer attached, this took a reasonably small amount of space to turn in a single go, even more amazing.

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Still, the electric Tesla Semi makes way less sound than the diesel-powered class-8 semi-trucks. In the absence of an internal combustion engine, Tesla Semi is also not guilty of the compression release engine brake (Jake Brake). The mountain people say they can hear the Jake Brake on a traditional semi-truck from miles away — carbon emissions + noise pollution = nasty2.

Tesla Semi Truck has 4 Raven electric motors that help it accelerate and maneuver. The battery pack capacity of the Tesla Semi is a secret that is deeply buried in the heart of Tesla (TSLA). However, the Tesla Semi battery is huge as recently CEO Elon Musk said that the electric long-hauler would have around 621 miles (~1,000 km) of range (Update: It actually ended up having a 500-mile range in 2022).

Although Elon Musk hinted that Tesla Semi volume production would start this year but the COVID-19 situation most probably delayed the automaker’s plans in this regard.

Besides all that, Tesla Semi pre-order tally is still going strong, just recently, Pride Group Enterprises, a Canada-based logistics company placed the largest to-date Tesla Semi Truck order of 150 trucks.

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By Iqtidar Ali

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