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Tesla starts sending Giga Berlin-made Model Y delivery day invites and more factory walls painted in graffiti art


Tesla has officially confirmed that the deliveries of the Giga Berlin-made Model Y electric SUVs will start from 22nd March. The US-based automaker started sending the delivery day invites to its employees earlier this week.

We had already reported on Monday that the expected date of deliveries is March 22nd — now Tesla has confirmed the news.

It is a tradition at Tesla that the company’s employees get the first deliveries, so these invitation emails are reportedly only sent to Giga Berlin employees who have made a Model Y reservation.

After the final approval to start the production of Model Y SUVs, Tesla seems to have accelerated the compliance process the local government has stipulated on the automaker.

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Giga Berlin-made Tesla Model Y first deliveries invitation email sent to Tesla employees for the event on 22nd March. Credit: Tesla, Inc. via Sawyer Merritt / Twitter.

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New graffiti art is done on the stair walls of Gigafactory Berlin (right-side-wall). Credit: Tesla, Inc. via Twitter.

In the meantime, more walls of Gigafactory Berlin have been painted with graffiti art. In the preliminary phase of this gigantic art project, only three walls were painted in graffiti back in January.

These rectangular structures that are getting painted with graffiti are the stair walls placed in series at a specific distance for the employees to move from floor to floor. The height of Gigafactory Berlin is 50 feet, so it might not look very high in drone videos but in reality, it is a very tall building.

Every stair box structure has 3 exterior walls that Tesla is painting in futuristic graffiti art — a remembrance of the Berlin Wall when Germany was still divided into two parts East and West.

The font used on the invitation email to write the word GIGA (screenshot above) is the same as Tesla used on the previous graffiti painting on a stair sidewall.

The new paintings are a bit colorful in contrast to the previous ones that were mostly black. In addition to the pictures Tesla shared on its official Tesla Twitter account, there are more walls in the works we can see in the latest aerial drone footage of Giga Berlin (video below).

A closeup of the graffiti art on one of the stair walls at Giga Berlin (left-sidewall). Credit: Tesla, Inc. via Twitter.
Graffiti art on a stair container of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin (front wall). Credit: Tesla, Inc. via Twitter.

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Video: Drone footage of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg as of 9th March 2022.
Drone video: More graffiti art appears on Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg as of 13th March 2022.

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