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Tesla owner pays off the price of FSD by posting FSD Beta videos, version 10.69.2 coming end of this week, price increased to $15K — more


Omar who is a Tesla retail investor & enthusiast and also a fan and friend of Elon Musk revealed an interesting fact — he paid off the price of his Tesla Full Self-Driving package by posting FSD Beta videos. He owns a YouTube channel with the name Whole Mars Catalog and socializes on Twitter with the same monicker.

Whole Mars Catalog (Omar) has been on Tesla’s FSD Beta Early Access Program since the beginning of it and has been posting reviews and videos since then. He shared the screenshot of his YouTube earnings which slightly exceed the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package he bought for $7,000 a couple of years back.

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Starting today, Tesla has increased the price of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package to $15,000 as Elon Musk had hinted last month. Interestingly, this price is more than double what Omar and other Tesla customers paid for FSD in 2020.

On top of the YouTube earnings through FSD Beta videos, Omar and similar Tesla YouTubers will be able to add the price of FSD to their car when selling them.

$199 is the current monthly subscription price of the Tesla FSD package.

In the meanwhile, Tesla CEO Elon Musk just announced on Twitter that FSD Beta 10.69.2 (the next version) is most probably going to roll out at the end of this week. “10.69.2 has a relatively small number of code changes, but their practical effect will be significant,” he said on Twitter.


FSD Beta version updates had become slower when the Ex Tesla AI Director Andrej Karpathy was leaving the company. Now the Autopilot software team at Tesla seems to have caught some pace.

The major release FSD Beta 10.69 was just rolled out around 2 weeks ago. Since then, Tesla has rolled out two sub-version updates the 10.69.1 (2022.2010) and the (2022.20.11).

Now the automaker is preparing to release the more stable and better version 10.69.2 of FSD Beta for an even wider release to almost all the FSD Beta testers in North America.

Elon Musk’s tone and the price increase of FSD Beta are all hinting that the automaker is trying hard to release a public beta version of its Full Self-Driving package towards the end of this year.

Only time will tell if this becomes true and if it does, Tesla and Musk will have much to rejoice about as it has been the hardest problem that Tesla is trying to solve throughout its history.

Famous FSD Beta tester Chuck Cook received version just yesterday and tested it in his hometown of Memorial Park, Jacksonville, Florida. He found some bugs have been fixed and some still need to be addressed — these will be ironed out in the upcoming 10.69.2 most probably. Let’s watch how the current version performs.

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