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Tesla adds Alternate Routes to its in-vehicle navigation maps in OTA software update 2022.28.2 (Release Notes)


Tesla has added an anticipated feature to its in-vehicle navigation maps in the latest software update version 2022.28.1 and for some owners, Tesla is directly updating them on 2022.28.2 (read release notes below).

This update also downloads the latest navigation data version NA-2022.28-14046 from the Tesla Mothership.

Looking at the firmware tracker by TeslaFi, the 2022.28.2 update started rolling out to the global Tesla vehicle fleet on Wednesday 14th September.

However, this new feature is only available with Premium Connectivity. Tesla’s Premium Connectivity package comes at $9.99 + applicable tax per month or $99 + applicable taxes with a single annual payment (buyable using the vehicle touchscreen or Tesla mobile app).

2022.28.2 Release Notes

Alternate Routes

Tesla adds Alternate Routes to navigation maps in the software update version 2022.28.2. Credit: u/cyberbuk via Reddit.

View up to three routes when navigating to a destination. Quickly compare the total travel time and traffic information for each route.

Note: Traffic information is only displayed with Premium Connectivity.

Also applicable to 2022.28.1

Some Tesla users have already received the update and are using it happily. Let’s see what their reviews are of the Alternate Routes feature added to the in-car navigation they posted on Twitter.

Apparently, Tesla is testing the Alternate Routes feature by rolling it out to a limited number of users and then debugging the software and releasing fixes in a quick follow-up update as 2022.28.2 was released within a couple of days of 2022.28.1.

Tesla made a major improvement to the navigation maps last year when the electric automaker introduced Waypoints in the update 2021.40.5.

Tesla owners are comparing the Alternate Routes to be as big and useful of a navigation feature as Waypoints were. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Theater Mode Improvements

Full-screen Theater Mode can now be minimized, allowing access to vehicle controls without video playback interruption. Tap the minimize button on the top left corner of the window to toggle full-screen mode.

Phone Icon

When you’re on a call in the vehicle, the green phone icon will now always remain visible in the status bar, regardless if the phone card is hidden or not. The icon in the status bar has also changed shape slightly, going from a pill shape to a square.

Tesla has also made improvements to video games (Sonic the Hedgehog, Cuphead, and Cat Quest) in the 2022.28.1 and 2022.28.2 updates, the details of which can be found on the Not A Tesla website.

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