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Tesla will fix the window finger-pinching recall issue for 1.1 million vehicles with a free OTA software update


On Monday 19th of September, the US National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a safety recall for Tesla vehicles addressing an issue with the automatic window reversal function that can pinch the fingers of the users (Recall #: 22V-702 / PDF below).

The frameless windows in Teslas work in a unique fashion, as soon as a person opens the door the glass slightly slides down automatically to avoid hitting the body frame. As the door closes, the window slides up automatically to seal the cabin of the car.

Video demo: How Tesla Model 3 door handles and Tesla windows in general work.

NHTSA is concerned about people’s fingers getting pinched when the windows of a Tesla vehicle drop down automatically. Around 1.1 million (1,096,762) Tesla vehicles are affected by this issue and have been recalled by the automaker.

Affected vehicles may not meet certain automatic window reversal system requirements in FMVSS 118, Section 5 (automatic reversal systems). When closing in circumstances subject to FMVSS 118, Section 5, the window may exert more force than Section 5 permits before retracting. The window may also retract less than the distance required under Section 5.

NHTSA’s description of non-compliance of auto window reversal function in safety recall # FMVSS 118 22V-702.

All Tesla Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3 vehicles in the United States are affected by this recall.

Although there is a large number of vehicles affected by this recall, it’s not actually a big problem for Tesla to fix. Since all Tesla vehicles are by default able to receive over-the-air (OTA) software updates, the automaker will only have to release a new OTA update to fix this issue.

Tesla can easily adjust the amount of force, speed, distance, and timing of the window reversal with an OTA software update sent to the entire US or even the global fleet of its cars — voila! — issue is fixed.

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Major media outlets portraying this recall as a “big issue” are either not aware of Tesla’s edge in technology over traditional automakers or are just misinforming their audience with incorrect headlines.

Such Tesla recalls are not hardware-related, and not even 1 of the 1.1 million affected Tesla owners will have to visit the Tesla service center to fix this issue — it will be fixed when their car is parked in the garage and connected to Wi-Fi — without any cost to the owner.

Tesla vehicles in production since 13th September 2022 have already been rectified of this issue with a firmware update. The same piece of the update will soon be released to the rest of the fleet to remedy this issue.

At no cost to the customer, Tesla will deploy an over-the-air (“OTA”) firmware update to affected vehicles that enhances the calibration of the vehicle’s automatic window reversal system behavior to ensure compliance with FMVSS 118, Section 5, in all loading conditions.

Tesla does not plan to include a statement in the Part 577 owner notification about pre-notice reimbursement because there are no out of warranty repairs related to this condition.

Tesla’s remedy for fixing the NHTSA recall 22V-072 for finger-pinching windows.

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NHTSA Safety Recall Report FMVSS 118 22V-702 (PDF)

PDF: NHTSA Safety Recall FMVSS 118 22V-702.



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