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Opened charge port of the Cybertruck spotted for the first time — Tesla T cyber charging indicator seen inside


A photo of the opened Cybertruck charge port was posted on the Teslamotors subreddit last week. This is the 1st-ever picture of the Cybertruck charge port that is as low-poly as the electric pickup truck itself.

The Cybertruck charge port revealed inside is the same design found on the existing production vehicles (Tesla Model S, X, 3, and Y). The Cybertruck charge port is located adjacent to the rear wheel fender of the driver’s side.

The more interesting part of this picture is the Cybetruck-themed Tesla logo. This logo is re-designed for the Cybertruck with square edges in contrast to the original Tesla T which is round at the top with 2 side edges and the bottom line ends in a single edge.

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Tesla Cybertruck charge port seen for the first time with an open flap and a Cybertruck-themed square Tesla T logo can be seen as a charging indicator. Credit: Walkingplankton / Reddit.

The color of this cyber charge port indicator Tesla T is white in the unplugged state. The Tesla T charge port indicator on existing vehicles changes colors depending on the state of the charge port as follows:

  • White/Light Blue: Charge port is unplugged / the charge port door is open
  • Blinking Solid Blue: The charge port is communicating with the connector to start charging
  • Solid Blue: A charging connector is plugged-in
  • Blinking Green: Tesla vehicle is charging (blinking speed slows down as the battery capacity is reached)
  • Solid Green: The battery is fully charged
  • Blinking Amber: Tesla is charging at a reduced rate (AC only)
  • Solid Amber: Connector not fully plugged in (re-align and insert fully)
  • Solid Red: A problem has been detected and charging has stopped (check the center display for details of the issue)

We can safely say that Tesla will follow its standard color pattern for the Cybertruck charge port indications — only the design has been matched with the boxy Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck is inspired by the movie Blade Runner and I think this Cyberturck-style Tesla T fits perfectly into this universe. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Video: Charge port Tesla T logo indicator colors explained.



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One reply on “Opened charge port of the Cybertruck spotted for the first time — Tesla T cyber charging indicator seen inside”

Nice to see the charging port location. A concern is towing and rv and being able to reach a charging station without having to drop your travel trailer to charge the vehicle. I haven’t heard that addresses yet. I woukd think the semis need some type of drive-through charging station as well. Any info woukd be appreciated

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