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This modified Model Y by Delta 4×4 is the ultimate Tesla off-roader SUV


Delta 4×4 took it to the next level by fully customizing a Tesla Model Y for off-roading purposes. The vehicle modification team at Delta 4×4 added a ground clearance of 35 mm (1.37 in) to this Model Y off-roader to handle a variety of rugged terrains.

The fender flares of this Model Y are also widened by 30 mm (~1.2 in) on each side, adding a total of 60 mm (~2.4 in) of width to the vehicle. The width of a stock Tesla Model Y is 2,129 mm (83.8 in).

It has 20-inch Delta4x4-Klassik_B wheels with Continental Cross-Contact ATR tires (265/45R20) — adding to the overall off-road navigability.

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Tesla Model Y customized off-road SUV by Delta 4×4. Credit: Delta 4×4 / YouTube.

Delta 4×4 released videos and pictures of this Tesla Model Y purpose-modded for off-roading.

For me, the best-looking part of this vehicle is the custom-made roof rack which looks as tough as an off-road mountainous terrain. According to Delta 4×4, this Tesla Model Y roof rack can handle all the equipment you need for your off-road journeys.

Let’s watch how this modified Tesla Model Y off-roader handles mud, rocks, and snow while having some fun.

Video: Modified Tesla Model Y off-roader by Delta 4×4.
20″ wheel with Continental AT tire of the Delta 4×4 Tesla Model Y off-road SUV. Credit: Delta 4×4 / Instagram.

The All-Wheel Drive (AWD) variants of the Tesla Model Y i.e. Long Range and Performance come with a special OEM software package called Tesla Off-Road Assist that helps tackle off-road terrains. Couple with the Slip Start feature and this level of modification makes Model Y an ideal mid-size off-road SUV.

The good news is that the German car tuner Delta 4×4 shared the cost of the customization as well in the description of its demonstration video as follows:

For those interested in this build in Germany, Delta4x4 charges 900 Euros ($955 at current exchange rates) for the suspension lift. The rim and tire combination starts at 4,500 euros ($4,775). The roof rack costs 2,900 euros ($3,078) and a light bar additionally costs 900 euros. The lamps in the bumper are 1,800 euros ($ 1,910) including installation.

That’s 11,000 Euros (~$12,000 USD) of customizations on this off-roader Tesla Model Y. Unfortunately, Delta 4×4 customization shop is located in Germany and these services are not provided in North America.

Is this Tesla Model Y off-road customization dope or nope? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Video: Modified Tesla Model Y off-roader by Delta 4×4 handling mud and snowy surfaces in Europe.



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