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Tesla sends this month’s 2nd consignment of Model 3 and Model Y EVs from China to Canada


Tesla’s Chinese Gigafactory seems to be on a roll as the 2nd ship of Teslas left the Port of Shanghai for Canada on Saturday (20th May).

Rumors of Tesla (TSLA) starting to deliver Made-in-China (MIC) cars to Canadian customers started last month.

Later on, the rumors were confirmed as we reported that the US-based electric automaker is offering a lower-priced China-made Model Y in Canada.

Not only this MIC Model Y is a cheaper option compared to the US-made one but is also eligible for the $5,000 iZEV incentive.

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Morten Grove is a Tesla enthusiast whose Twitter account is dedicated to tracking Tesla ships reported the first ship leaving Shanghai for Canada on May 5th. This ship started unloading these MIC Tesla cars at the Richmond, BC port on May 19th.

As soon as the 1st ship unloaded MIC Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars in Canada, Tesla shipped another consignment to Canada.

There are 2 opinions on Tesla shipping MIC cars to Canada in the Tesla Community. Either, Giga Shanghai is producing more cars than the Chinese market is consuming or Tesla is selling cheaper cars to get the Canadian iZEV incentive.

Since it’s far cheaper and faster to ship cars from the US to Canada, the 1st reason seems more convincing. Tesla used to ship a large number of Giga Shanghai-manufactured cars to Europe before Giga Berlin started production for the region.

Despite throttling down production Tesla decided to send the excess Tesla cars made at Giga Shanghai to Canada. Because European Tesla customers are now mostly getting Giga Berlin-made Model Y SUVs, MIC Tesla Model Y SUVs have to be shipped somewhere.

Information of the journey of the 2nd car carrier vessel Viking Sea that’s shipping Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars from China to Canada. Credit: Tap/Click image to enlarge.

Morten Grove broke the news of the 2nd Tesla car transport vessel shipping cars from China to Canada yesterday. The name of this car carrier vessel is Viking Sea.

According to information from, the Viking Sea left the Port of Shanghai, China on 20th May and is estimated to reach Vancouver, Canada on 3rd June. This is a 12-day voyage transporting Tesla vehicles from China to Canada.

There is no concrete information about how many Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles are loaded onto this ship. In the past, large car transport vessels have delivered from 1,300 to 3,000 Tesla cars per ship.

There was a time, Tesla used to ship Model 3 cars from the United States to China. But it was before Giga Shanghai started producing them for the local market and Europe, now North America.

Tesla owners in the past have posted good reviews of the Made-in-China Tesla Model 3 cars delivered to Europe. Reportedly the quality of MIC Teslas has been better than the ones made in the United States, especially the Fremont factory. We now have to wait for reviews from Canadian Tesla customers, so stay tuned for future updates.

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