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Tesla will have its ChatGPT moment with Full Self-Driving cars, says Elon Musk


Soon after Tesla’s 2023 Shareholder Meeting event, the company’s CEO Elon Musk gave an interview to CNBC’s David Faber.

While the two talked about a variety of topics, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) and artificial intelligence (AI) also came to light. During the interview, Musk said that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving system will have its ChatGPT moment soon.

Although Musk’s promises regarding the FSD delivery timeline have been delayed for years, he is still positive about it happening — ultimately.

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Elon Musk also talked about the FSD Beta progress during the Shareholder Meeting on Tuesday. The advancement Tesla is making in real-world AI or artificial general intelligence (AGI) with Full Self-Driving is also going to create a huge impact with the advent of the Tesla Bot, according to Musk.

From March 2021 to March 2023, in a span of two years, Tesla accumulated an immense amount of autonomous driving data from its cars with the Full Self-Driving in beta mode. According to the automaker, Tesla cars have driven around 200 million miles since FSD Beta first rolled out.

With the number of FSD Beta testers increasing with the passage of time, the graph of miles driven is now taking a sudden hike. This change has been due to the release of FSD Beta to a wider number of users in the United States and Canada.

Graph: Tesla FSD Beta driven nearly 200 million miles since its inception. Trend of driven miles from Mar 2021 to Mar 2023. Source: 2023 Tesla Shareholder Meeting presentation.

So, what does Elon Musk mean by Tesla FSD’s ChatGPT moment? Musk thinks that when Tesla’s Full Self-Driving is capable enough to come out of beta testing and gains the minimum ability to drive like a human, millions of Tesla car owners would want it instantly.

We witnessed a glimpse of this scenario in November last year when Tesla opened FSD Beta for wide release. A large number of Tesla owners rushed to get the monthly subscription to test FSD Beta.

“The thing to appreciate is not that Full Self-Driving will be as good as a person, it will be much much better, like a lot. Like, over time and 10 times safer than a person, it’s not going to be a contest frankly,” Musk said during this year’s Tesla (TSLA) Shareholder Meeting presentation on Tuesday.

Elon Musk thinks that the evolution of Tesa AI and its transformation into artificial general intelligence (AGI) with FSD is going to suddenly increase the value of Tesla cars. “Being able to do a software update and have several million cars suddenly go from manual driving to autonomous I think will be the single biggest asset-value increase in history,” he said.

Further talking about Tesla AI, Musk said that there is currently no other car company that he can say is in the 2nd position after Tesla in the AI race.

“I think Tesla will have sort of a ChatGPT moment, if not this year, I’d say no later than next year,” Musk gave a flexible timeline for this to happen.

“Suddenly 3 million cars will be able to drive themselves to home, yeah, then 5 million cars and then 10 million,” he added.

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Video: Elon Musk to David Faber on CNBC saying Tesla will have a ChatGPT moment with Full Self-Driving (Autopilot/FSD).
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