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Deliveries for the Tesla Model Y 7-seat interior start early December, Elon Musk


During a tweetstorm yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the Model Y 3rd-row 7-seat interior configuration deliveries will begin in early December. The seven-seat Tesla Model Y costs an additional $3,000 to the base price.

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Although expensive, Tesla has potential customers for the 7-seat Model Y configuration. This is an ideal set up for families with more kids and dogs that can easily fit in the small 3rd-row seat.

The people who have seen the original Tesla Model Y prototype with the 7-seat config at the unveiling testify that the seat can accommodate kids easily but does not have enough space for adults, especially if used for long journeys.

Tesla Model Y 7-seat configuration costs $3,000. Source: Tesla online car configurator.

There are a limited number of pics and a short video clip of the Model Y 3rd-row seats that we reported in detail last year.

Tesla analyst Troy Teslike who predicts Tesla Quarterly delivery & financial numbers said yesterday that if the Model Y 7-seater is not announced by the end of this week, it’s probably not going to be available in Q4. But hours later Elon Musk announced that it’s coming late this year, this also means that the 3rd-row Model Y SUVs will be going to production as late as next month.

Update: Tesla has started taking Model Y RWD and 7 seat interior orders.

Musk has announced the Model Y 7-seater already, the other Model Y thing Troy is talking about is the Long Range Single-Motor Model Y that Elon Musk said is coming in a few months back in July.

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But until the time of this writing, there has been no announcement of the Dual-Motor Model Y Long Range variant. If announced for Q4 2020, Tesla will have a great number of deliveries added to the investor report sheet.

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