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Tesla FSD Beta V5 is out, beta tester puts it in a variety of scenarios (video)


One of the first Teslas to get the promised FSD Beta V5 (2020.44.15.3) software update is a Model S from California with the license plate saying AIDRIVR — luckily, the owner has a YouTube channel with the same name.

AIDRIVR has been testing FSD Beta extensively and bringing us a review of every new update version via his videos. This time he starts his Tesla self-driving journey from none other than the Tesla Fremont factory‘s own parking lot. Interestingly enough, Autopilot FSD mode refused to engage at the place, reason, the lot was too busy with traffic.

However, as soon as the Tesla Model S left the Silicon Valley-based automaker’s parking lot, it was ready to perform some Full Self-Driving (FSD) action.

One of the AIDRIVR’s follower left a memorable comment that sums up the qualities and impact of Tesla Autopilot FSD on the next big thing in the automotive industry, he said:

You speak of the autopilot as you would of a human. This is excellent, just watching these videos I get a sense of the Autopilot’s human qualities. I think that is the miracle of AI, it has been a behavior, a personality, it hesitates, it rolls forward to peak gets “scared”, confused — very advanced.

Thank you for letting us see the future.

User: Who Why / YouTube

Throughout the city driving with the latest FSD Beta V5, the driver in this video puts the car through different scenarios, unprotected left turns, right turns, intersections, traffic lights, roundabouts, etc. — comparing it with an older version similar tests, Autopilot seems much more evolved. This has only come with one month of AI learning and training of the Neural Net with a limited number of FSD Beta drivers — the progress is just amazing, let’s watch.

Video: Human Inside Tesla’s FSD Beta.

As more and more development is taking place with FSD Beta and the car’s AI is getting more and more confident, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that FSD Beta will be released to more beta testers in coming weeks, he was answering a query in this matter on Twitter.

Musk also recently announced on Twitter that beta testers for Tesla Full Self-Driving software will also be chosen from Canada as soon as December. Many other Tesla owners are eagerly waiting in line to get their hands on FSD Beta, but no one other than Tesla and Elon Musk know the exact selection criteria and process. Although, Tesla says that currently only the “safest and cautious” drivers are chosen for this historical task.

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