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The first Tesla Model Y test vehicle might come out of Giga Texas next week


A new and strong Tesla rumor has surfaced via Twitter that the first Model Y test vehicle made at the Gigafactory Texas would roll off the assembly line as soon as next week.

Joe Tegtmeyer is a long-time Tesla enthusiast who is also a local observer of Tesla Gigafactory Austin, Texas. He consistently shares drone videos of Giga Texas via his YouTube channel every other day.

Being so close to this massive car plant for so long, it seems that Joe has connected to some reliable sources that have leaked this latest rumor — the first Model Y test vehicle getting produced as soon as next week.

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Since a few Model Y frames have been spotted at Giga Texas within the last few weeks and Tesla also

If this becomes a reality next week or even the next one after it, we might have some breaking news here. As we previously analyzed Tesla’s Q2 2021 earnings call last week, it was clear that Tesla will start Giga Texas production with Model Y, not the Cybertruck.

Because Tesla already has the expertise and the experience of producing Model 3 and Model Y cars at the Fremont factory, plus the demand is already there, the automaker decided to start Giga Texas with the Model Y electric SUV.

The following images of the Giga Texas Model Y stamping press area and the body shop also provide strong grounds for this latest rumor.

Giga Texas Model Y stamping press area. Photo: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
Tesla Model Y body shop at Giga Texas as of Q2 2021. Model Y body frames can be seen on an assembly line with robots at work. Photo: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Follow-up story: Images of the Tesla Model Y test vehicle production leaked from Giga Texas.

If the production of these test vehicles is successful within a couple of weeks, we might see limited production of Tesla Model Y cars coming out of Giga Texas within a few months (according to the speed at which Tesla is pushing the construction and development at this giant car manufacturing plant).

Tesla Model Y cars produced at Giga Texas and Giga Berlin will have both the front and rear single-p underbody castings but Fremont will only have the rear underbody single-piece casting for some time to come, CEO Elon Musk said at the company’s Q2 2021 earnings call.

Let’s watch the latest developments at Giga Texas from Joe Tegtmeyer’s drone video from yesterday.

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