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Tesla Semi parts catalog diagrams show its huge battery pack, other systems, and components


A Tesla hacker who goes on Twitter by the name of “green” on Twitter shared a bunch of Tesla Semi diagrams on the social media platform. When I asked him how he obtained these pictures, he said he got them from the automaker’s online parts catalog website aka EPC.

So, I logged into my Tesla account and looked for the Tesla Semi parts catalog but it was not on the list. Ethical hacker “green” got these photos even before the Tesla Semi catalog is published by digging deep into the website.

However, these Tesa Semi diagrams and a sample VIN label are interesting to look at, especially for those planning to buy one of these class-8 electric trucks in the future.

Tesla Semi Battery Pack

Since Tesla Semi was unveiled in 2017, the location of the battery pack, its shape, and the capacity (in kWh) have been kept a secret by Tesla. But a diagram from these leaked images opens up some of this information to us (see diagram 1.1 below).

Diagram 1.1: Tesla Semi diagram from the parts catalog shows its battery pack location, shape, and the number of modules. Source:, courtesy of Tesla, Inc. via @greentheonly / Twitter.

As we can see in the above diagram, the large battery pack is located under the Tesla Semi cabin. The battery pack of the Tesla Semi consists of 9 modules that are shaped like square blocks. Three blocks in the mid-row seem to be larger compared to the ones on the side rows.

Unexpectedly, Tesla designed the battery pack of the Tesla Semi truck quite differently from the ones we have seen in other Teslas like the Model Y and 3, etc.

The division of these modules into different blocks might be an indication of a replaceable battery module as these trucks will be accumulating a large number of miles in their lifespans. But this has yet to be officially confirmed by Tesla (TSLA).

Braking, Suspension, and High Voltage (HV) systems

The diagrams highlighting the braking systems and suspension components are also fascinating to look at.

Since these diagrams are not labeled with details, the information is scarce right now. We will need to wait for the automaker’s official Tesla Semi parts catalog to be published. Because Tesla started Semi-truck deliveries on December 1st, 2022 — the parts catalog might get online very soon.

Diagram 2.1: Tesla Semi braking system components (brake pedal to all the 6 wheel hubs). Source:, courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
Diagram 2.2: Further components and hydraulics of the Tesla Semi braking system. Source:, courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
Diagram 2.3: Tesla Semi truck’s rear axle presented in a blueprint diagram in the truck’s parts catalog. Source:, courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
Diagram 2.4: A technical drawing of the Tesla Semi truck’s high voltage (HV) system. Source:, courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla Semi Interior and Cabin Diagrams

Some of these diagrams highlight different systems and components of the Tesla Semi interior and cabin space like infotainment, driver’s seat, steering wheel, etc. (see diagrams 3.1 to 3.5 below).

Diagram 3.1: Diagram of the Tesla Semi infotainment system components from its official electronic parts catalog (EPC). Source:, courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
Diagram 3.2: The drawing of a Tesla Semi driver’s seat in the truck’s parts catalog. Source:, courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
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Diagram 3.3: Tesla semi cabin HVAC system diagram from the parts catalog. Source:, courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
Diagram 3.4: Tesla Semi truck’s steering and dashboard components blueprint. Source:, courtesy of Tesla, Inc.
Diagram 3.5: Tesla Semi steering wheel system diagram from the parts catalog. Source:, courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla VIN Label

Along with the above technical diagrams of the Tesla Semi truck, a sample VIN label was also discovered by Mr. green. This label has some information about the Tesla Semi’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and how much each of this weight each axle is able to bear.

The 22,135 kg (48,800 lb) of GVWR mentioned on this label is just for the bobtail Tesla Semi (without the trailer). When the trailer is attached to the truck, another set of axles is automatically attached to the trailer’s rear wheels, so adding that brings the total GVWR to ~37,200 kg (82,000 lb).

This label also includes Tesla Semi wheel and tire sizes and other respective cold tire pressure ratings as well. However, for an official confirmation of these numbers we will have to wait for the Tesla Semi owner’s manual.

GVWRTiresRimsCold Tire Pressure
Front Axle5,715 kg (12,600 lb)275/80R22.522.5X8.25310kPa, 45psi
Int Axle8,210 kg (18,100 lb)275/80R22.522.5X8.25310kPa, 45psi
Rear Axle8,210 kg (18,100 lb)275/80R22.522.5X8.25310kPa, 45psi
Tesla Semi GVWR, tire & rim sizes for front and rear wheels, OED-recommended cold tire pressure.
Tesla Semi sample VIN label from the truck’s online parts catalog. Source:, courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

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