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Tesla has built a Cybertruck-themed triangular entrance gate at Giga Texas for the Delivery Event that is about to start in less than an hour.

Yesterday evening, this entrance was lit with red and white lighting. Tesla has designed this entrance on the same light tunnel pattern it did for the Model Y delivery event at Giga Berlin last year and the Model S Plaid delivery event in 2021 at the Fremont factory.

Giga Texas local observers Joe Tegtmeyer and Jeff Roberts caught detailed views of the Cybertruck Delivery Event preparations on the outside of the factory. Of course, the inside views will be revealed during the live stream of the event on X (Twitter) and possibly on YouTube as well.

Check out the live pre-event updates and the live-stream recording below.

During the drone video coverage of Giga Texas yesterday by both local observers, caught day and evening footage of the Cybertruck Delivery Event light tunnel entrance. I liked it when the lights were ON in the evening — the base red lighting with white strips on the angular bars makes a beautiful combination.

Tesla's Gigafactory Texas entrance decorated with a light tunnel for the Cybertruck Delivery Event presentation.
Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas entrance decorated with a light tunnel for the Cybertruck Delivery Event presentation. Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer / YouTube (video below).
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A Cybertruck at the event’s entrance. The picture shows the depth effect of the Cyber Light Tunnel.
Tweet picture: Cybertruck Delivery Event entrance in the daytime. Tesla Cybertrucks swarming all around it.

As we can observe in the above image in Jeff’s tweet, the entry specially prepared for the event is swarming with Cybertrucks all around it. Critics said that Tesla has only produced a few Cybertruck as display units for showrooms. But looking at the latest scenes from Giga Texas, it does not seem to be the case, there are many Cybertrucks.

According to rumors, Tesla will only hand over 10 Cybertruck units to lucky customers today. The most interesting part of the event will be the Cybertruck pricing reveal. Tesla has not yet released any pricing info for Cybertruck, even though some specs of the truck have leaked but not the prices.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is going to reveal the complete pricing, variants, and specifications of the Cybertruck during today’s event. He might also reveal some surprising information and the automaker’s future plans for the vehicle as well.

The Cybertruck Delivery Event is Tesla’s last party of this year and it should be the most epic.

Tesla Accessories by EVANNEX.
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The Cybertruck Delivery Event live stream link on X (Twitter).
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Drone video: Giga Texas preparations for the Cybertruck Delivery Event on 29th November 2023.

Event Updates:

#1: Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen shared the following picture of the Cybertruck exoskeleton and the underbody giga castings from inside Giga Texas. Elon Musk also reposted this tweet.

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#2: Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared a picture of the Cybertruck production line from Giga Texas. The photo shows a lot of Cybertrucks waiting in line for deliveries.

#3: Sawyer Merritt shares another view of the Cybertruck body on display inside Giga Texas.

#4: Some details of the Cybertruck front drive unit (motor) are posted on display boards at Giga Texas. The info reads “Features an electro-mechanical differential lock for off-roading and produces more than 300 HP”.

#5: Tesla Cyberuck has a powered frunk is confirmed.

#6: Vehicle teardown expert Sandy Munro arrives at the Cybetruck Delivery Event driving in a Cybertruck.

#7: Stripped down Tesla Cybetruck interior with an uninstalled steering wheel. It is confirmed that Cybertruck will be steer-by-wire. The following picture and information from Tesla attendees inside confirm this.

#8: Tesla Cybertruck under-bed storage is confirmed. This compartment has 3 separators (pic in tweet below).

#9: Cybertruck Goodyear tires look better in person (Sawyer Merritt reporting from the ground).

#10: Tesla is showing breathtaking visuals of the Cybertruck architecture at the start of the live stream, watch below.

Tesla Cybertruck Delivery Event live stream recording video.
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Iqtidar Ali
Iqtidar Ali
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