Tesla (TSLA) stock hits all-time high after posting record profit for Q3 2021

Tesla Cybertruck spotted with removable side mirrors, final design to be revealed at production start

Tesla skeptic Missy Cummings is appointed as a senior NHTSA safety adviser

NASA document reveals the date for the first SpaceX Starship orbital launch

Tesla begins early deliveries of 2021 Model X refresh despite the estimated time of Apr 2022

Tesla starts offering insurance in Texas, based on real-time driving behavior

Tesla had delivered 1,400 cars when it went public, Lucid & Rivian have 0, Musk raises an eyebrow

Tesla sets a new standard in crash safety with data-driven testing at its dedicated Crash Lab

Starbase update: Mechazilla Chopsticks assembly, Raptor vacuum engine on SN20, SN21 nosecone work, more

GMC Hummer EV looks massive when parked beside a Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y matrix LED headlights, structural battery, and front mega casting unveiled at Giga Berlin Giga-Fest

SpaceX becomes the second-ever unicorn company to reach a $100 billion valuation, Musk leads Bezos with a $30B gap

Tesla is moving its HQ to Texas, Musk announces during the 2021 Shareholders’ Meeting

The strong demand for Tesla cars results in another Model 3 and Model Y price increase

Tesla again scored a record quarter, delivered 20% more vehicles in Q3 2021 vs. Q2