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German man accidentally ordered 27 Tesla Model 3s online — worth 1.4 million Euros


Last month, an old German guy got excited for ordering a Tesla Model 3 for the family as they were looking to replace their old gas guzzler Ford Kuga SUV — soon this moment of joy was overcome by worries as he had ordered 27 cars instead of one by mistake.

With each Tesla Model 3 with the options he purchased was worth €52,000 (~$58470 USD), the total amount of the 27 Model 3s accumulated to just above €1.4 million Euros.

The real problem wasn’t the 27 cars ordered, they didn’t have to pay €1.4m Euros to Tesla on the spot, the real issue was the non-refundable amount of €100 on each Model 3 ordered that ramped up to €2,700 (~$3,036) in total.

However, Tesla returned this amount to the customer by canceling all the orders and everything ended up just fine with the help of Tesla Customer Support as they asked them to place a fresh new order for their car.

Tesla Model 3 in Midnight Silver Metallic (gray) color at a Supercharger station. Photo by Dario on Unsplash

Due to the COVID-19 economy slowdown, the German state that this man resides in has doubled the amount of tax break on buying an electric vehicle, so this was the best time for purchasing a Tesla or another EV for them — the story was posted on Reddit by his son on an interesting subreddit that I cannot name here, I have attached his post below for having the fun reading the experience first-hand.

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Featured Photo by: David von Diemar via Unsplash

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